Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An interesting new punishment for naughty Gators!

Impromptu rides were the order of the day today as we gave our brand new RC a chance to test out the things he's learnt and set up a ride. A small ride with 5 Gators and a friendly guest tore up another swamp.
Yet it was at our own swamp that the idea of this impromptu ride began to form... We were making use of our new-ish camp fire... Such a cosy setting for the MC to hang out in, there are lots of places to sit and that warm glow which comes from sitting beside a fire!
 We also, however, have a band new method of punishment up our sleeves... It will require toothbrushes and possibly a peg for your nose - depending on who has been in there recently!
Angel was the first to get to feel this new punishment in action... That's right ladies and gents, the clubhouse now has it's very own special facilities - Gents we know there are a lot of trees but too much ammonia can kill them you know! If anyone leaves a mess can you remember to clean it up, and if one of the Gators makes it's way into the sewage system, we hereby state that you have now been warned, look before you sit LOL!!!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Gator Power at the Mongoose RFL Charity Event!

Last night was the Mongoose RFL Charity Event - raising money for cancer charity research.
A few of the Gators were present to represent our little club, and it sounds like they had a lot of laughs and even a small victory.
Our very own Pres and VP decided to not only ride an official lap, they took Gator Power on tour - courtesy of our new RC Angel who dared HellBone to ride a lap on our skateboarding gator, who then dared Jamal to race him! 
Aside from the silliness, we'd like to send a congratulations to the Mongoose MC for a brilliant event, and for raising a total of almost 10,000L... AND to our very own Angel... Congrats on coming second! Way to go hon, way to show off the Gator colours!
(Thank you Julz for providing the photo! HellBone found it on facebook and it was too good not to share hehe!)

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Party that Rocked the Swamp

Well we made it, a blast onto the biker scene, a rocking party that filled our Saturday and our swamp with some of the loudest and liveliest antics that have been seen there in an age. Our little pet gators are still getting over the noise - although if you look closely when they think no one is watching you will see them dancing along to the beats of the music that were left behind in their ears.
The Gators family would like to send a great deal of thanks to our performers and designers that participated - it was great having you along for the ride with us - but also to our many guests, having you there made the event what it was!
We formed some good alliances and found new places to ride out and explore in, though most importantly - the event was in some ways you might say a rite of passage for our young club. Now The Gators are regarded as an official MC and we are ready to ride the roads of SL building alliances and forming friendships - bring it on!
Anyway, the party went off without much of a hitch - for the amount of performances we had, this to me seems pretty amazing, not to mention the problems I had envisaged for the set up of the hunt, however, as I said the party was a success... I took a whole heap of photos numbering into the hundreds, but for your viewing pleasure...
And one more to show us Rocking the Swamp...
Thank you to everyone for coming to help us celebrate our official opening! I know I had a fabulous time, I hope that you all did too!!! There may be more random photos to come, I have lots left to share... Check back in for more later!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Official Opening Party... TODAY!

The official opening party of the Gator MC is today, and boy do we have a heck of a good time planned for anyone and everyone who wishes to come down and party with us.
This is our official launch into the SL MC circuit, and although many people may know of us, this party will be our chance to show them what the Gators are made of - of course it's gotten me into a little bit of a panic as I tend to over worry about everything, but it will hopefully go off without a hitch - just please keep your fingers crossed for us!
The event runs from 9am SLT until 7pm SLT - all Gators should be there for at least some of the event, even if they cannot make the whole event - so we'd love to meet you, and welcome you into our swampy home! The event will be taking place at our swamp clubhouse, and there will be tons of things to see and do.
We have live performances from;
LaidBack Celt, Stinna, Moon Spark, Helvis Xue and the Tricky Digfoot Band. 
As well as three awesome DJs - Ozark Hax, and our very own President HellBone Barbosa, and Secretary Juli Barnside... Can't wait to see them all rocking the stage and filling the swamp with some very loud music. I just hope that the gators aren't woken by the noise and start searching for a snack.
As well as this, we have some chances to win some awesome prizes... Nailed to a tree in the swamp is a gator head, that once touched will enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win a 1000L gift card from Acceleration Exotics towards the bike of your choice... AND we have a treasure hunt featuring some awesome designers with some kick ass prizes...

We're the Gators! Pleased to meet you!

Hello, we are the Gators MC of SecondLife, and we are pleased to welcome you to our group blog. Although for now I will currently be writing much of the material that is shown up here, this will be a group effort - all photos, memories and other information shared here will be details from the Gators themselves, I am merely taking on the role for now of story teller.
The Gators MC is a small biker group within the larger - and sometimes overwhelming - SL Biker Scene. We are not affiliated with any real life MC, yet we all love nothing more than to ride our bikes in RL and feel the wind in our hair, in fact we love it so much that we feel glad to be able to share our love of riding with friends from all over the world and get the chance to ride out together on a regular basis.
As I've said before the group is currently fairly small - not that small is a bad thing! We are a tight knit family, and believe that the friendship we all share is the most important thing. There will be no drama, and no in fighting in this group - as Sgt@Arms I stand firm on that fact - and although we have a rank system, our Pres and our Vice Pres can be seen cleaning the mud off their wheels with any of our new prospects - after all they made the mess in the first place why should someone else have to clean their wheels hehe!
There is a lot more to come from all of us in the club, so please watch this space or feel free to come talk to us, we don't bite!

Rudhmellowen (aka Rudh)
Gators MC Sgt@Arms