Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An interesting new punishment for naughty Gators!

Impromptu rides were the order of the day today as we gave our brand new RC a chance to test out the things he's learnt and set up a ride. A small ride with 5 Gators and a friendly guest tore up another swamp.
Yet it was at our own swamp that the idea of this impromptu ride began to form... We were making use of our new-ish camp fire... Such a cosy setting for the MC to hang out in, there are lots of places to sit and that warm glow which comes from sitting beside a fire!
 We also, however, have a band new method of punishment up our sleeves... It will require toothbrushes and possibly a peg for your nose - depending on who has been in there recently!
Angel was the first to get to feel this new punishment in action... That's right ladies and gents, the clubhouse now has it's very own special facilities - Gents we know there are a lot of trees but too much ammonia can kill them you know! If anyone leaves a mess can you remember to clean it up, and if one of the Gators makes it's way into the sewage system, we hereby state that you have now been warned, look before you sit LOL!!!

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  1. I like this punishment, lol Angel can come over any time and clean the toilet lol