Saturday, 4 May 2013

We're the Gators! Pleased to meet you!

Hello, we are the Gators MC of SecondLife, and we are pleased to welcome you to our group blog. Although for now I will currently be writing much of the material that is shown up here, this will be a group effort - all photos, memories and other information shared here will be details from the Gators themselves, I am merely taking on the role for now of story teller.
The Gators MC is a small biker group within the larger - and sometimes overwhelming - SL Biker Scene. We are not affiliated with any real life MC, yet we all love nothing more than to ride our bikes in RL and feel the wind in our hair, in fact we love it so much that we feel glad to be able to share our love of riding with friends from all over the world and get the chance to ride out together on a regular basis.
As I've said before the group is currently fairly small - not that small is a bad thing! We are a tight knit family, and believe that the friendship we all share is the most important thing. There will be no drama, and no in fighting in this group - as Sgt@Arms I stand firm on that fact - and although we have a rank system, our Pres and our Vice Pres can be seen cleaning the mud off their wheels with any of our new prospects - after all they made the mess in the first place why should someone else have to clean their wheels hehe!
There is a lot more to come from all of us in the club, so please watch this space or feel free to come talk to us, we don't bite!

Rudhmellowen (aka Rudh)
Gators MC Sgt@Arms

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