Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shire Fest 2013 - Three Days of Loud Music Madness

Shire Fest 2013 started yesterday with a rocking show from Linkin Park... HellBone, Trouble, Juli and myself all went along for a bit of a dance - and I made girlie squeaking noises in everyone's ear!

The girls and I were contacted by a representative of Shire Fest, to ask that as we were all dancing so well together, would we mind if he used a photo of us in their Friday poster for the Linkin Park Gig... HECK YES HE COULD... The Gator Girls are FAMOUS lol!!!

So last night was Linkin Park, but there is so much more to come... The event planners have pulled out all the stops and have a rocking festival line up for a lot of partying over the weekend!
Easiest way to share the details is to show you a schedule, so;

     2PM SLT - Kaiser Chiefs
     4PM SLT - Five Finger Death Punch
     6PM SLT - Godsmack

    12PM SLT (Noon) - Iron Maiden
    3PM SLT - Metallica

This event seems like it is going to be a lot of fun - can't afford a RL festival this year so I am gonna use this one as a much cheaper alternative hehe... It's now 12PM SLT on Saturday, roll on 2PM and the Kaiser Chiefs I say!!!
Swim on over to the Shire Bikers Rock & Ride Event Stage and shake those Gator tails! Maybe I'll see you all there!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Few Minor Changes!

After the meeting yesterday, I have decided to share with you here a few minor changes...
First off, Juli and I have decided to switch our positions - with the backing of both HellBone and Jamal - Juli will now be standing front and center as the Gators Sgt@Arms and I will be stepping into the roll of Secretary. If anyone has any issues, you can still speak with either of us about things, but we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the changes!
Secondly... We have a new Fully Patched Member of the Family!!!
Welcome to Grizbaer - you did you're time as a prospect, although we don't haze you put up with us girls torturing you (something that won't change by the way hehe) and you were there to offer support when we got caught up in griefing that occured at the recent rally - it's a very deserving patch for your vest!
Now you need to come find me to get your Gator Photo sorted - come find me Griz so I can shoot you!!! 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Gorgeous Look at our Home!

As you may well have guessed by now, one of my personal favourite things to do in SL is photography - some might say that it is an obsession, but I am going to go with calling it one of my hobbies LOL - and I will spend a large amount of my time each day looking through different blogs and photo collections admiring the work that people do.
Well, to make a long story short, recently Angel spoke to me about one of his friends who takes photos of SL landscapes and would it be OK for her to come and take some pictures of the Gator land... WELL OF COURSE IT WOULD!!!
The photos look totally gorgeous, of course, and I have made sure that I have permission to publish them for everyone to see...

 As a side note to the photographer, Charyssi... Thank you, these are bloomin' gorgeous. When I saw some of your work that Angel was using, possibly as a bribe, to persuade me to let him ask you to come photo our clubhouse home I really couldn't say yes fast enough - in fact I think I asked him to ask you LOL!! I am in awe! Thank you so much!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Have a little Pride & Honour!

Lots to share this week, but first things first - and possibly the best news of all - WE HAVE TWO AWESOME NEW PROSPECTS!!! Trying to earn their Gator teeth and become fully fledged members of the Gator Family are Halomoon and Grizbear - so if you see them around make them feel welcome and to Halo and Griz, Welcome to the family guys!
Now onto business, the Pride and Honour Rally has started this weekend...
There is so much to see and do that I felt it would be easier to just share the schedule with you, that way no one will be able to say they missed anything... (As it is already Sunday, while I am writing this I have only included the schedule from Sunday onwards!)
* Sunday June 2nd - At the Main Stage -
     3PM SLT - 5PM SLT, "Anything but Clothes" with DJ Sassy
     6PM SLT - 8PM SLT, "Get your Country On" with DJ Jasonn
* Monday June 3rd -
     12PM SLT, Ride (Anyone from Any MC is welcome to join!)
     4PM SLT, Shooting Contest - Pay 10L per try and shoot three different targets, 500L prize for the person with the highest score (Prizes also for second and third places)
     7PM - 9PM SLT, DJ Jasonn
* Tuesday June 4th -
     2PM SLT, Bull Riding Competition - 500L prize for person with the highest score. Arm Wrestling and Mud Wrestling too...
     4PM - 8PM SLT, DJ LOBO
* Wednesday June 5th -
     4PM SLT, Paintballing - Anyone who wants to play will be mixed in with other MCs for a Girls vs Boys Paintball Fight
     6PM SLT, Doom Buggy Races followed by Tunnel Track Races
* Thursday June 6th -
     4PM SLT, Run Away Bride Formal Ride, followed up by a Formal Dance with DJ LOBO   
* Friday June 7th -
     Greedy Tournament and a Bike Paint Off - 20L per entry.
* Saturday June 8th -
     2PM SLT, Saving Able Concert
     6PM SLT, Five Finger Death Punch Concert and Bike Building Contest Winners Announced
Aside from that, we had a fab ride out yesterday, thanks to Kiki and her awesome Road Captaining skills, and there has as always been a fair few giggles within the Gator Camp (not mentioning Julz and her antics at the Rally LOL) - Trouble was propositioned to check out a certain President's Bone, Charles was made to push Hell as fast as he could when drag racing and Angel was all about road saftey when he provided me with a helmet as I swerved all over the road! (Clicking the photo will make it bigger!)
There will be Pride and Honour Photos up very soon, but for now have a great week everyone!