Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Few Minor Changes!

After the meeting yesterday, I have decided to share with you here a few minor changes...
First off, Juli and I have decided to switch our positions - with the backing of both HellBone and Jamal - Juli will now be standing front and center as the Gators Sgt@Arms and I will be stepping into the roll of Secretary. If anyone has any issues, you can still speak with either of us about things, but we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the changes!
Secondly... We have a new Fully Patched Member of the Family!!!
Welcome to Grizbaer - you did you're time as a prospect, although we don't haze you put up with us girls torturing you (something that won't change by the way hehe) and you were there to offer support when we got caught up in griefing that occured at the recent rally - it's a very deserving patch for your vest!
Now you need to come find me to get your Gator Photo sorted - come find me Griz so I can shoot you!!! 

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