Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shire Fest 2013 - Three Days of Loud Music Madness

Shire Fest 2013 started yesterday with a rocking show from Linkin Park... HellBone, Trouble, Juli and myself all went along for a bit of a dance - and I made girlie squeaking noises in everyone's ear!

The girls and I were contacted by a representative of Shire Fest, to ask that as we were all dancing so well together, would we mind if he used a photo of us in their Friday poster for the Linkin Park Gig... HECK YES HE COULD... The Gator Girls are FAMOUS lol!!!

So last night was Linkin Park, but there is so much more to come... The event planners have pulled out all the stops and have a rocking festival line up for a lot of partying over the weekend!
Easiest way to share the details is to show you a schedule, so;

     2PM SLT - Kaiser Chiefs
     4PM SLT - Five Finger Death Punch
     6PM SLT - Godsmack

    12PM SLT (Noon) - Iron Maiden
    3PM SLT - Metallica

This event seems like it is going to be a lot of fun - can't afford a RL festival this year so I am gonna use this one as a much cheaper alternative hehe... It's now 12PM SLT on Saturday, roll on 2PM and the Kaiser Chiefs I say!!!
Swim on over to the Shire Bikers Rock & Ride Event Stage and shake those Gator tails! Maybe I'll see you all there!

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