Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Rally in the Hell Fyre

Another Rally starts on July 22nd, this time hosted by the Hells Angels Wyoming and Wyld Hellions to combine to form the Hell Fyre Rally!
There is so much to see and do at this Rally that I wanted to make sure that no one missed any of the fun! The concerts that are taking place are different to other Rally performers, giving this event a slightly different flair, as well as bike building contests, timed races, and all the usual fun of the fair in a gorgeous location... if you don't normally to go to rallies, this one would be a great exception... Just check out that schedule!

Race Track open. Time trials run all week. Top time wins prize:
1st- 1000L
2nd- 700L
3rd-  500L

     12:00 Noon - DJ Nata, WHMC singer and DJ
     4:00 PM - Great WhiteLive! (by Damageplan productions)
     6:00 PM -Live Singer -Stephanie Silentghost


     12:00 Noon- DJ Nata
     6:00 PM Live country singer - Nightflame4u


     2:00 PM - DJ Linda
     6:00 PM - Live Singer - Aryianna
     8-10 PM- DJ NATA


     6:00 PM -DJ Zoe


     12:00 NOON - Wet tee contest! Winner gets 500L
     6:00 PM - Janis Joplin followed by Jimi Hendrix Live (by Damageplan Productions)


     12:00 Noon - Barrel Race. Top winner gets 500L
     2:00 PM The Doors Live! (by Damageplan Productions)
     4:00 PM DJ


     12:00 Noon - Results for Judged bike show to be annouced
     2:00 PM - Slash Live! (by Damageplan productions)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Notorious Few hosts the War Games

The Notorious Few Rally comes to a close tonight with a performance from the SL Metallica at 2PM SLT.
This event has been interesting, the war games were something that the Gators had no part in but we have been enjoying the other events that have been carrying on during the week, including some awesome tricycle races and a tug of war!
As always, when I'm summing up a rally I choose a collection of photos for my favourite bits... If you want to see other people's you will need to ask them!
Thank you to the Notorious Few for hosting the rally, and to all our friends that made hanging out there as much fun as it was!

Friday, 12 July 2013

A Second New Prospect!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have yet another new Prospect!
Please welcome Jay - aka xJaymz - to our Gator Family. He started Prospecting with us today - July 12th - and as yet he is still fairly quiet, soaking up the atmosphere and learning how we all interact as a group. It will be fun to get to know you Jay and we hope that you enjoy being a Gator!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Our New Prospect!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Gators, we have ourselves a new Prospect...
Please welcome Boe - aka Bosk Knoller - to the Gator family. He started prospecting on July 9th and so far he seems to be a pretty good fit within the family... He gives as good as he gets and he has a laugh that cracks me up! Fairly new to the MC world, he may need to be helped a little - just like I've been helped so I know you can do it!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Notorious Few War Games Rally... Time for the Gators to go huntin!

This will be a rally with a difference - this time it's WAR! The Notorious Few have organised war games - so this time it's MC against MC, cannon fire and catapults (luckily we have own own!) and a fight to the death with the last person standing being the victor! Hopefully HellBone's track record might give us the edge but with this type of battle, anything's possible!
The event runs from Sunday 7th, although it officially runs from Monday 8th until Saturday 13th
You may have heard about people hunting gators... This time the Gators are the ones doin' the huntin! Time to get me a biker skin purse!!

There is a schedule of events, easy to share here with you all, there is fun to be had amongst all the war...
     4PM - Alice Cooper Gig

     10PM - War Games
     4PM - Best Owned Bike Contest (Cannot be a builder, has to be an owner!)

     10AM - War Games
     2PM - Tricycle Races

     10AM - Tug of War
     6PM - 8PM - Live Performance by Nate Blackburn

     2PM - Bike Build Off - How fast can you build?
     6PM - Wet Boxer Contest

     10AM - Jail & Bail Event - Presidents = 2,000L, Vice Presidents = 1,500L and Officers = 1,000L

     10AM - War Games - Free For All, Last Man Standing!

     4PM - Staind Gig

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Doom Crew Gators!

Last week saw the closing of the Doom Crew North America's first annual Rally.
The Gators were there, with a pretty set-up featuring our newish Truck!
As with all the rallies there was a fair few things to see and do! This event - now that we have made some great new friends in the MC world, felt more like a party with an extended family and boy did the Gators make themselves known hehe...
HellBone was the winner of the KOS Contest - both he and Wulf (the moving target) went down in a blaze of glory, with HellBone's bullet hitting Wulf just seconds before Wulf's hit Hell! I was the winner of the photography contest - although it had to end early due to a technical fault - though I think of it as a win is a win LOL... Thank you all for voting for me!
I wanted to share some of the photos that I caught from the Rally... Julz posted a lot on her facebook page, which I am sure she will share if you ask her nicely, but  here are some of my favourite bits!!!

Gator Fun at Pride and Honour!

So the Pride and Honour Rally came and went almost a month ago now, but I've been a little too busy to sit and sort through my huge heap of Gator Photos - that is without even thinking about the photos that Julz has been taking too - yet there were so many fun things going on that rather than talk about all the happenings, I think I will let the photos speak for themselves.
Toilet Riding, Bull Riding, Bike Rides and hijinks galore meant that this - for me personally - was so much fun and I got to meet so many people that it feels like the Gators have finally begun to make their mark and get more than a little recognition in the MC community.
The Gators Tent! 
The toilet seemed to be a fairly big attraction - it meant we got talking to a lot of people, and it really proved to us that Hell can at times be full of crap (He had the highest score and would fight to defend his title LOL!) - Just a little note here... The last toilet user seemed to really miss the point of the fact that it was a Rodeo Toilet LOL!
The Gators reigned supreme, shooting first and asking questions later in the shooting contest and riding that crazy bull in the bull riding contest!
We danced the night away at some awesome concerts, and Hell even let us get away with being naughty by throwing our - clean - panties at the performers... Don't think Julz, Trouble or I ever did get any phone numbers LOL...
There was also A LOT of crazy hijinks around the Gator Tent... Far too much to mention in one sitting, so I just picked out some of the best photos I had from Julz and my own collections!
SO - from the Gators to the Pride & Honour MC... THANK YOU... This rally really was brilliant, it shows how hard you worked to set it all up and we thank you for letting us be a part of it!