Monday, 8 July 2013

Notorious Few War Games Rally... Time for the Gators to go huntin!

This will be a rally with a difference - this time it's WAR! The Notorious Few have organised war games - so this time it's MC against MC, cannon fire and catapults (luckily we have own own!) and a fight to the death with the last person standing being the victor! Hopefully HellBone's track record might give us the edge but with this type of battle, anything's possible!
The event runs from Sunday 7th, although it officially runs from Monday 8th until Saturday 13th
You may have heard about people hunting gators... This time the Gators are the ones doin' the huntin! Time to get me a biker skin purse!!

There is a schedule of events, easy to share here with you all, there is fun to be had amongst all the war...
     4PM - Alice Cooper Gig

     10PM - War Games
     4PM - Best Owned Bike Contest (Cannot be a builder, has to be an owner!)

     10AM - War Games
     2PM - Tricycle Races

     10AM - Tug of War
     6PM - 8PM - Live Performance by Nate Blackburn

     2PM - Bike Build Off - How fast can you build?
     6PM - Wet Boxer Contest

     10AM - Jail & Bail Event - Presidents = 2,000L, Vice Presidents = 1,500L and Officers = 1,000L

     10AM - War Games - Free For All, Last Man Standing!

     4PM - Staind Gig

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