Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Rockin' Party at the Gators Swamp

Last night was the Big Party that we'd been planning for a good few weeks now, and it was well and truly time to wake the Gators and turn the Swamp into one loud, rockin' event!
We brought in the brilliant Anek Fuchs to open the show, and that man rocked our little stage for two whole hours, filling the swamp with hoards of bikers from a wide range of MCs. He was followed by HellBone, who danced like no one was watching and played some killer tunes in his one hour long DJ set. Next came Norm Goldshark - someone that had not been heard much by many of our guests prior to last night - he sang his heart out to some golden oldie tracks, and was followed up by DJ LOBO, our guest and somewhat surprise DJ from Pride and Honour who just decided he wanted to carry the party on!
Our little swamp was filled with lots of friendly faces - many old friends and a fair few new ones to boot! We had visits from Dark Souls, Pagans, Valhalla's Outlaws, Beserkers, Mongoose's, Harley Heaven, Misfits and Doom Crew, as well as many others who popped down for a dance! The swamp was full and the Gators were fed as people kept falling off the floating platform, but it was brilliant to see everyone enjoying themselves and as far as we are aware the whole thing went off without any problems!
 The dust is settling in the swamp again today, the Gators are taking their headache remedies and snoozing, but it won't be long before we plan to do something else... Maybe next time it will be BIGGER?!