Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thank you Pagans!

So, the Pagans Rally has come and gone, and it was fun for everyone that was involved. It was well planned and, even though I didn't make it to a lot of the events due to the European thing, I have been told there was a lot of fun had by all our members who visited. Their corner of SL was the place to be during the rally, where we met lots of our old friends and made friends with many new ones...
HellBone seemed to enjoy the competition, trying to beat his scores on both the toilet and the motorbike...
Who knew he was so competitive... In a way I guess we all did, as he has to be the top shitter whenever the rodeo toilet is placed anywhere by Julz - maybe his competitiveness was the reason he ended up in jail...
Although I missed a fair chunk of the activities, for me personally one of the funniest things that I witnessed was the moment that Frankie - a close friend to the Gators and one of the Pagans - was put in Jail... Yet he didn't end up in there alone, Frankie had two cell mates - a beautiful sleeping lady, and his brother Crow...
Thank you again to the Pagans, we can't wait for the next one! 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Someone who was always around, becomes one of us!

LOL Sorry about the title, I was feeling a little weird, but it's true...
DG Jaxxon... One of our good friends and supporters for a long time now, was officially patched in to be the newest member of the Gator Family last night.
She has been with MCs for a while now - her last job was as the Vice President of the Doom Crew Divas. She can often be heard before she's seen... She sings all the time and brightens up the darkest places...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Pagans Rally... A busy week to come!

 Although there have been a few rallies running recently, it has been a while since we have been  able to set up a tent at one, yet Monday September 16th sees the opening of the Pagans MC Rally... This is a rally on an epic scale, and our good friends - The Pagans - are putting on a whole host of fun events and performances for people to enjoy.
Due to the amount of stuff going on, I think it will be wisest to share the schedule with you... That way you won't miss out on any of the fun stuff that is happening - least you won't be able to blame me for it if you do LOL...
Just a note to remember... The Pagans have set a script counter running, if you are running more than 100 scripts you WILL be sent home, no questions asked until you can de-script yourself... HellBone and Julz have also asked that we try to remain without body modifications too much - I will be taking my facial wounds off (and I feel naked without them), so I will be expecting that everyone else does too! The Pagans are an MC that we are quite closely linked to, so we ask that everyone shows their support by making a trip to the rally.
So to the schedule; (A notecard with more details will be sent out in group later today!)

Monday:       12PM SLT -  Meet 'n' Greet - Come and meet our hosts, and give them a chance to meet us, the Rally opens today
                       12PM SLT (Running all week!) - Timed laps on the track, the first level track is a timed race track. Scores will be counted all week and there will be a prize given for the fastest time!
                       5PM SLT - DJ Pony
                       7PM SLT - DJ Goliath                    

Tuesday:       5PM SLT - "Drag" Race. 100L to enter...
                                           All participants will race their bikes down a track to a pink (for girls) and blue (for guys) box, once there you need to wear the contents of that box and get on your bike to race back... First one back over the finish line wins the prize!
                      5PM SLT - DJ Bella Swan
                      6PM SLT - Live Singer Brett Hansome
                      8PM SLT - DJ (TBA)
Wednesday:  5PM SLT - DJ Bella Swan
                       7PM SLT - PINK FLOYD Tribute Band Performance
                       8PM SLT - DJ Plagues
Thursday:      5PM SLT - DJ Pony
                        5PM SLT - Mud Wrestling. 100L to enter...
                                           This wrestling event is for FEMALE Participants only. It will be last one standing, there will be prizes for the winner. Guys you're more than welcome to spectate LOL..                         7PM SLT - Live Singer Wayne Davis Rocks
                        8PM SLT - DJ Goliath                      
Friday:           6PM SLT - DJ Pony
                        7PM SLT - HALESTORM Tribute Band Performance
                        8PM SLT - DJ Goliath
                        Opening for Bike Set Up in the Custom Bike. 200L to enter... Today is the opening for setting out, the close of the contest is Sunday. Note - once bikes are set in place they cannot be altered or you will be disqualified!
Saturday:       4PM SLT - DJ Harley M
                        4PM SLT - Start of the Poker Run. 100L to enter...
                                          A poker system will be set up and the person with the highest hand at the end of the run will be declared the winner. There will be a prize for the winning hand.
                       4PM SLT - 9PM SLT - Jail 'n' Bail... Charge your friends with any crime and they will be held in one of the jail cells on the Pagans Sim - Diabolo. They will then need to raise 500L to free themselves from the Jail...
                       5PM SLT - AEROSMITH Tribute Band Performance
                       6PM SLT - DJ Shy
                       8PM SLT - DJ Stealth
Sunday:         3PM SLT - GUNS N ROSES Tribute Band Performance
                       4PM SLT - 9PM SLT - Jail 'n' Bail Round 2
                       5PM SLT - DJ Harley M
                       7PM SLT - DJ(TBA)
                       7PM SLT (ish) - Prizes to be awarded for the best time on the track and the bike building competition.
                       8.30PM SLT - Firework Display

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Two lovely new ladies...

Last weekend we patched in two lovely new ladies to the Gator Family, it has taken me until today to get their photographs sorted and ready to share, but now is the time to say WELCOME to both Cata and BabyGirl...
Cata signed up to be a prospect just before BabyGirl around three of four weeks ago now. She is - so far - a soft spoken, caring kind of soul, but I bet she will be a good one to have around in a butt kicking competition LOL... Cata was in an MC before but drifted out of the lifestyle and focused on her love of other things, such as the SL Live Music Scene. She was brought to us by chance, coming to a party we hosted in the swamp and that same love of live music, and after that party she decided she wanted to be one of us and make us a part of her new life back within the MC world!
BabyGirl was brought to us by one of our other prospects, yet she fitted in so well that she decided to stay when her friend left us. With an ever growing SL family and her love of being a SL Mum, BabyGirl is a sensative and caring sort. She feels very much at home within our family and enjoys nothing more than hanging out with us, taking on any challenge that we throw at her and never backing down... She even made it through the Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns!!!
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY LADIES, we are so glad to have you with us!!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

It's Been A While...

Hello Gators, it has been a while since I posted anything up here and shared all the fun goings on.... We've been busy but it's mostly we're just handling everything and anything that has fallen into our paths... I guess however, I should and will share some of those interesting things with you, but where to begin. 
On the Full Member front, let's see... Julz has been having a few leg issues, and I seem to have been pain free for a while - both of us are on the recovery,  fighting fit and ready to either kick butt (in Julz's case) or sit on her butt (in mine) LOL... Grizz has been away in his RL only making sporadic appearances to show his face but it looks like he could be back a bit more too now... Hell works too hard still and has been building things like a crazy person getting his store ready for the upcoming releases and hunts - there will be a free prize hidden in the store very soon! If you read this like you're supposed to, and ask me I may well tell you exactly where it is so you don't need to hunt for it hehe... Wonder if anyone will ask me huh?! OH, AND, Charles is back from his major trip into RL... He says he will be around more, so he had better be lol... 
On a sad note, Jamal and Kiki have decided to turn in their colours and will be leaving us as patched members.They will remain strong supporters of the Gators but have found other interests and would like the time to persue them further - who knows, in future they may well come back to us, but for now Auf Wiedersen you two!
We also have a small but awesome handful of prospects! Halo is still Prospecting for us, but due to her RL (the same as with Charles) she hasn't been around all that much - get your pretty blond girl butt hanging around more Halo hehe, and then you get the full range of Gator Girl attire LOL... Jay is also stuck in his RL and for the time being cannot hang around - though we will wait for him because we're awesome like that and he seems to really fit the family! We also have a few that I haven't introduced here at all yet... Miss Cata Cortes is one of our lovely probies, she has a sexy voice and seems to remain calm most of the time lol - not sure I can vouch too much for that, I mean she is on the majority of the time Hell and I are asleep, but Julz rates her highly and from what we know of her she will be perfect Gator material! (Although weirdly I don't actually have ANY Photos of her, which is more than strange because I'm normally like photography paparazzi ninja LOL)! We also have a couple prospecting for us, BabyGirl and her hubby Rising... Now you know we don't haze within the MC but we've been doing some fun stuff with them, getting them to feel like part of the family... even if on one particular outing that did involve people bouncing around on their balls LOL...
Don't forget there is going to be a meeting on Sunday - when I have sent out a notice LOL - and there is lots coming up including the Pagans Rally!!!  More details will follow!