Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Pagans Rally... A busy week to come!

 Although there have been a few rallies running recently, it has been a while since we have been  able to set up a tent at one, yet Monday September 16th sees the opening of the Pagans MC Rally... This is a rally on an epic scale, and our good friends - The Pagans - are putting on a whole host of fun events and performances for people to enjoy.
Due to the amount of stuff going on, I think it will be wisest to share the schedule with you... That way you won't miss out on any of the fun stuff that is happening - least you won't be able to blame me for it if you do LOL...
Just a note to remember... The Pagans have set a script counter running, if you are running more than 100 scripts you WILL be sent home, no questions asked until you can de-script yourself... HellBone and Julz have also asked that we try to remain without body modifications too much - I will be taking my facial wounds off (and I feel naked without them), so I will be expecting that everyone else does too! The Pagans are an MC that we are quite closely linked to, so we ask that everyone shows their support by making a trip to the rally.
So to the schedule; (A notecard with more details will be sent out in group later today!)

Monday:       12PM SLT -  Meet 'n' Greet - Come and meet our hosts, and give them a chance to meet us, the Rally opens today
                       12PM SLT (Running all week!) - Timed laps on the track, the first level track is a timed race track. Scores will be counted all week and there will be a prize given for the fastest time!
                       5PM SLT - DJ Pony
                       7PM SLT - DJ Goliath                    

Tuesday:       5PM SLT - "Drag" Race. 100L to enter...
                                           All participants will race their bikes down a track to a pink (for girls) and blue (for guys) box, once there you need to wear the contents of that box and get on your bike to race back... First one back over the finish line wins the prize!
                      5PM SLT - DJ Bella Swan
                      6PM SLT - Live Singer Brett Hansome
                      8PM SLT - DJ (TBA)
Wednesday:  5PM SLT - DJ Bella Swan
                       7PM SLT - PINK FLOYD Tribute Band Performance
                       8PM SLT - DJ Plagues
Thursday:      5PM SLT - DJ Pony
                        5PM SLT - Mud Wrestling. 100L to enter...
                                           This wrestling event is for FEMALE Participants only. It will be last one standing, there will be prizes for the winner. Guys you're more than welcome to spectate LOL..                         7PM SLT - Live Singer Wayne Davis Rocks
                        8PM SLT - DJ Goliath                      
Friday:           6PM SLT - DJ Pony
                        7PM SLT - HALESTORM Tribute Band Performance
                        8PM SLT - DJ Goliath
                        Opening for Bike Set Up in the Custom Bike. 200L to enter... Today is the opening for setting out, the close of the contest is Sunday. Note - once bikes are set in place they cannot be altered or you will be disqualified!
Saturday:       4PM SLT - DJ Harley M
                        4PM SLT - Start of the Poker Run. 100L to enter...
                                          A poker system will be set up and the person with the highest hand at the end of the run will be declared the winner. There will be a prize for the winning hand.
                       4PM SLT - 9PM SLT - Jail 'n' Bail... Charge your friends with any crime and they will be held in one of the jail cells on the Pagans Sim - Diabolo. They will then need to raise 500L to free themselves from the Jail...
                       5PM SLT - AEROSMITH Tribute Band Performance
                       6PM SLT - DJ Shy
                       8PM SLT - DJ Stealth
Sunday:         3PM SLT - GUNS N ROSES Tribute Band Performance
                       4PM SLT - 9PM SLT - Jail 'n' Bail Round 2
                       5PM SLT - DJ Harley M
                       7PM SLT - DJ(TBA)
                       7PM SLT (ish) - Prizes to be awarded for the best time on the track and the bike building competition.
                       8.30PM SLT - Firework Display

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