Saturday, 14 September 2013

Two lovely new ladies...

Last weekend we patched in two lovely new ladies to the Gator Family, it has taken me until today to get their photographs sorted and ready to share, but now is the time to say WELCOME to both Cata and BabyGirl...
Cata signed up to be a prospect just before BabyGirl around three of four weeks ago now. She is - so far - a soft spoken, caring kind of soul, but I bet she will be a good one to have around in a butt kicking competition LOL... Cata was in an MC before but drifted out of the lifestyle and focused on her love of other things, such as the SL Live Music Scene. She was brought to us by chance, coming to a party we hosted in the swamp and that same love of live music, and after that party she decided she wanted to be one of us and make us a part of her new life back within the MC world!
BabyGirl was brought to us by one of our other prospects, yet she fitted in so well that she decided to stay when her friend left us. With an ever growing SL family and her love of being a SL Mum, BabyGirl is a sensative and caring sort. She feels very much at home within our family and enjoys nothing more than hanging out with us, taking on any challenge that we throw at her and never backing down... She even made it through the Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns!!!
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY LADIES, we are so glad to have you with us!!!

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