Saturday, 26 October 2013

The changes taking place!

Many changes have occurred within the MC in the last few days, since the meeting we have seen some of our members shine and rise through the ranks to help make our MC a better family to be in...
First off we have a new executive in the family... DG came to us as a long standing friend to the MC and she assumed a role of security without even being asked. After a discussion between HellBone and Juli, with me throwing my opinion into the mix, DG has been provided with weapons and rank in becoming our new Sgt@ Arms! SL better watch out!
G-Man has been with the MC since it first began, and although he can claim to be one of our original members, it has taken him until recently to decide he would like more of an active role within the family. Now it might have become apparent that Grizz - our current Road Captain - hasn't been able to be around that often due to his RL - but G-Man decided that his bike had sat in the shed for too long... He wanted to be out riding... SO G-Man approached HellBone and without much discussion - although training will follow - we are happy to say we have a new Road Captain!
Fireheart too decided that she wanted to see something happen within the MC... She wanted to share the Gator family feeling with other people, and so to do that she asked to be put into the role of Mentor. Our mentors are also our recruiters, and Fire will definitely be a great person for this position. She has a warm - or should that be firey - heart and makes people feel welcome and wanted, she knows how to be persuasive without being pushy and she knows that the Gator family is warm, friendly and fun... A perfect candidate to bring new members into the group!
CONGRATULATIONS you three... I think you are very deserving for your rolls... Now lets see how these new ranking Gators Roll hehe...

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