Friday, 11 October 2013

The Doom Crew MC Rally

There are two rallies opening up this weekend, both being run by MC friends... First a week long extravaganza being hosted by the Doom Crew!
We have a truck pulled out of the swamp here, on the level with the trucks, and we've made our little spot feel like a mini swampy home, although the ground level is a swamp of sorts hehe... The DCMC love us so much, they've made us feel really at home by creating a swamp of their own!!
So as we have two rallies, I'm going to keep the post short and sweet... Here's what you can look forward to...

Friday, October 11th (Opening Day):
12PM SLT - Meet N Greet
2PM SLT - Biker Wash for Charity
6PM SLT - President Roast
7 - 9PM SLT - Wounded Warrior event and Live Performances
9PM SLT - Anek takes the stage for a live performance

Saturday, October 12th:
2PM SLT - Male Strip Contest
4PM SLT -  Auction Date
6PM SLT - President Roast

Sunday, October 13th:
2 - 5 PM SLT - 1st day of 3 day drag racing
6PM SLT - President Roast

Monday, October 14th:
2PM SLT - Bike Wash for Charity
4PM SLT - Prospect mud wrestling in drag
6PM SLT - President Roast

Tuesday, October 15th:
4PM SLT - Jail and Bail
6PM SLT - President Roast
All day bike build off/bike show

Wednesday, October 16th:
2 - 4 PM SLT - Male Wet Thong Contest
6PM SLT - President Roast

Thursday, October 17th:
2 - 5 PM SLT - 2nd day of 3 day drag racing
4PM SLT - Jail and Bail
6PM SLT - President Roast

Friday, October 18th (Closing day):
12 - 2PM SLT - Final Drag Racing
2 - 4PM SLT - Extreme Hide N Seek for Prospects
4 - 6PM SLT - Costume Ball
6PM SLT - Awards for Biker Build off, Prospect Wars, and Drag racing
7PM SLT - Closing Live Performances

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