Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Gator Maze is officially OPEN!

Last night saw the opening of the Gator Maze...
This is a project that HellBone has been working on almost continuously for the past couple of weeks, and what started out as a bit of a laugh has become a maze and an adventure all at once... We've had a few people passing through the haunted doors, to be jumped on and screamed at and generally scared out of their wits. The comments have been pouring in, from those that dared to enter the maze, and so far all of them have been good - people have gotten lost, they have been made to jump and even had a few laughs as Pinhead and co snuck up on them - and everyone says they will share the LM, which for the MC is awesome and for Hell is so much better.
Hell and I are proud of those of you that turned up in your horrible attire, the zombies, the demon, the superheros and even some black fog monster, you guys are brilliant and made the opening night much more scary for those daring souls...
Photos will be taken throughout the month and any that you have to share please let me see them, I will be making some photo collages to share later on!

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