Friday, 13 December 2013

The Track is finally ready...

Saturday December 14th 2013, sees the opening of the first Gator MC Track. We've been asked by other MCs for a long while if we have a track of our own and can they book a ride with us, and we held out on that for a while as we were having prim issues - mostly on Hell's part I might add!
BUT we are finally ready to open our track to the MC community, and anyone interested in riding their mean machines...
 SO, even though we don't need an excuse, the MC is having a Track Opening Christmas Party! 
Our very own Fireheart Braver will be singing - SOLO for the very first time - and then HellBone will take over the stream and play an awesome mixture of music including some rocking Christmas songs! You can jump on your bike and test out the track too... There may even be presents!!!

If you'd like to make a booking for your MC to use the track you can contact either Rudhmellowen Laguna - Secretary - Gerco "G-Man" Zwiers or Grizbaer "Grizz" Resident - our Road Captains...
Thank you!

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