Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Track, The Singer and The Party

On Saturday we opened our new Track in true Gator MC fashion... A party with a fab live singer and lots of dancing, presents and hijinks.
The track was officially opened on Saturday 14th December 2013, with the first solo live performance, since her return to live performing in SL, from the gorgeous Gator Fireheart Braver. She jumped up on to her makeshift stage on the back of the old rustbucket Gator truck, along with her two awesome dancers - DG and Nikki!
She rocked that stage for an hour, battling through her nerves to give a brilliant performance and although she seemed more than happy to hand the stream back to HellBone for his DJ set, I have the funny feeling tha she could have kept on singing for a good few hours more! Once that lady got into her stride there was nothing stopping her, and trust me when I say it will not be the last performance from Fire at the MC events!
Anyway, HellBone took over and the music continued - although changing and becoming a little heavier - people carried on popping in to see the track, and I am pleased to say we even have our first booking! The Devils Brigade are coming to ride, as the first visiting MC, on Wednesday!
Thank you to the Gators that were present for making it, as always one of the best parties on the grid, and to those of you that weren't around we missed you and can't wait to see you back with us again soon!!

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