Thursday, 18 December 2014


Christmas is a time for family... The MC is just that, and so when we decided to plan something for our SL family get together, a few of us gathered at our home to celebrate Gator Style...
Soda had planned a secret outing, and I had been cooking up a little secret santa present swapping session. There were gifts under the tree, which you can still pick up if you missed out on them, and if you weren't there, here is some of what you missed LOL...
Blake's back and that means photos like this can happen. YES he was back to being his naked self, spreading a little holiday cheer LOL... ZombieSanta, aka HellBone, got to have lots of naughty biker chicks on his knee and as he was Santa, Jimmy and I became his little reindeer lol... Even the event planner of the hour, Solde, became a Santa minion dressing as a little Christmas elf...
As you can see, total Gator Madness, but that wasn't all... OH NO, Solde had planned a trip to go, ICE SKATING!!!!
So we took the craziness out of the clubhouse and headed over to a gorgeous iceskating location... Shame that the people managing it were a bit crap, but otherwise the skating was fun...
A perfect way to spend some time with the family this Christmas!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

It's been so quiet!

It's been so quiet around the MC as of late as people are dealing with RL, the holiday season and a million other things, but I wanted to share some of our interesting family moments before the holiday season kicks off even more...
Firstly though... BLAKE'S BACK! YAY!!! Welcome back Blake, we all missed you heaps! It's great to have you back with us!!
Now for some pictures...
Kara celebrated her RL birthday a few weeks back, and we planned a party for her. We try to do something themed when we plan these parties, it always makes for a bit of a giggle seeing people dressed up, but this one was an easy one to plan an idea for.
The photo in the middle of Kara is part of the little white lie I told about getting her dressed up for a photoshoot, but as you can see everyone dressed brilliantly hehe... Poor Mike - of Monsters Inc Fame - had not one but two shocks at seeing a couple of our hot ladies hehe...
Wonder if that look that Mike had was similar to the one that Jimmy had on the day when he realised the girls in the MC had started to become part of the furniture LOL...
All in all though, it's been pretty quiet around the MC for a while - as I said before - not sure how long that will last now that Blake is back, but the some of the boys are getting so lazy they stay in their PJs all the time hehe...
And when the random does happen it seems even more shocking LOL...
For example when MeGa went mental and started dancing on a cow, or when HellBone gave TA - mr Mad Dog - his bad porn Christmas present early, or most shocking of all... When KaraD became MONKEYGIRL lol... She was changing out of an avatar, and Hell saw her like this LOL...
Anyway, there is a meeting on Saturday, but if I don't see you before, HAPPY CHRISTMAS LITTLE GATORS!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Down By The River Rally...

This is a rally with a difference, hosted by neutral "The River" Rock Club, it will be our home away from home for the upcoming few days as the Rally has officially begun!
As always with a Rally, there will be lots to see and do here to occupy your time over the next few days...
There is the customary bike contest to win prizes either by judged or popular vote - please see the notecard in the MC group for more details... There is also a long list of events with DJs, fun and games and the odd concert!!!

Dates: December 3rd - December 6th 2014
LM: The River Rock Club

Wednesday December 3rd 2014: 
10 AM SLT   DJ Stu
12 PM SLT   Shopping Cart Races - River Roadway
  2 PM SLT   DJ Heaven
  4 PM SLT   ACDC Rebel Yell Concert - River Concert Area
  6 PM SLT   DJ Linda
  8 PM SLT    DJ Zowie

Thursday  December 4th 2014:
10 AM SLT   DJ Eyes
12 PM SLT   Scavanger Hunt Begins - And will continue throughout the Rally
  2 PM SLT    DJ Scribe
  4 PM SLT    DJ Boomer
  6 PM SLT   Tank Wars Challenge
  8 PM SLT    DJ Zowie

Friday December 5th, 2014: 
12 PM SLT    Balloon Pop Challenge
  2 PM SLT    DJ Kora
  4 PM SLT    DJ Rick Silverback
  6 PM SLT   Barrel Rolling Obsticle Course
  8 PM SLT    DJ Beast
Saturday December 6th 2014:
10 AM SLT  Bumper Car Challenge
12 PM SLT   DJ Selene & Flee in the Club
   2 PM SLT   DJ Heaven
   4 PM SLT   DJ Rick Silverback
   6 PM SLT  Mega Bot Team Challenge
   8 PM SLT   DJ Zowie

Sunday December 7th 2014:
10 AM SLT  Penguin Tossing Contest
12 PM SLT   Winners in the Bike Show Announced - Trophies Given out
  2 PM SLT   Mud Wrestling
  4 PM SLT   DJ Beast
  6 PM SLT   Concert IN the Club - MOCCASIN CREEK
  8 PM SLT   DJ Zowie

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A little more Gator Craziness!

That's right folks... It's that time again when I need to clear my hard drive up a little bit and that means Gator Photos need to be sorted and stashed away lol... This is a good thing, means you get to have a little giggle at what the paparazzi caught!!!
Let's begin shall me...
A couple of weeks ago now, our very own fashionista, Solde, put on her own fashion show, as part of a course that she is in... We decided that it would be important for us to go over and support her Gator Style! Everything in the show was to be black and white, a pure and evil show I'm told, now you know we all had to sit on the evil side! HellBone even made us rainbow coloured foam fingers to show Solde our support... Luckily that got us a few giggles from the models, not banned from events like this forever, but we were all very happy to be there to support our little fashionista!
When it comes to support, the Gator family sticks together... As you can witness, during our families favourite prospecting task, Naked Pogosticking!
Now this is all well and good until our Mentor, Rava, decided that four of us were cheating! The four naughty Gators just happened to be those at the top... Shows what power will do to ya huh? LOL...
Once again the AFK Board that Jimmy bought for the clubhouse, seems to be getting a good deal of use! In case you weren't aware of it, there is a new rule, you need to be on the AFK board if you are going AFK at the club house...
If you don't the penis tree will get you!!!
Other than that, pranks have been pulled... Jimmy and Hell have been having epic "fuck you" fights as we laughed at them ejecting each other again and again... Hell has also been involved in a few other things too, including washing MeGa's car, getting Rava to help in surround her fiancé Mick with poop, bonding with ALUKA and even providing a cushion for G-Man...
The rest of the time has seen us chillaxing... Hanging out as a family, and more than anything laughing at the craziness what we all love so much!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Maze has GONE!

HellBone and Jimmy have pulled down the maze... It's gone for another year, and rumour has it that next year they will have something bigger and better, that may even take 6 months to prepare...
So it's goodbye to the Maze for 2014... Thank you to everyone who helped with ideas, creation and decoration, publicity and generally haunting the place...
The Maze itself, had people twisting and turning, wandering through it's narrow corridors and crying out for help, but it was the horror rooms below that earnt the most attention... Each was different and each had been inspired by various members of the MC...
We had so many compliments and so much good feedback, as well as a few photos... SO I plan on sharing some of our guest's pictures...
Luckily everyone made it out alive... We had no one die on us, and even though a few people screamed - like Rocky for example when Hell surprised him in the dark - everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves... Well done little Gators for making it such a success!!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Special Announcement from Rava

A special announcement, shared from Gator Notices...

My dear family

It is with great pleasure that I can share a dream come true with you all.

Last night, in a personally meaningful and romantic location, I proposed to my true love Mick.
On bended knee, with rings in hand, I expressed my love for him and asked him to marry me.

His face was priceless as the sentiments of eternal love, caring and lifetime union spilled from my lips.
With teary surprise and joy, he accepted my offer.  

I wanna share this very special moment


Saturday, 8 November 2014

A New True Gator

We have another new member, dropping her Prospect Vest and slipping into her Full Colours this week... 
Susie88 Resident - aka Sussie - was one of those prospects that made her mentor Rava work hard, and she worked her way through her Prospecting Tasks with ease. Her drive to get her full colours, and her sweet but funny sense of humour made her seem like one of us from the start, and the reviews that she had from all of the officers were glowing.
Welcome to the family Sussie!!!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Funny Gators, the kind you don't see in Zoos!

Although maybe they should be LOL... Yes that's right time for more funnies and boy do we have some good ones this week!!! This one may be shorter than usual, but I didn't want to forget any of the interesting bits hehe...
So where to start!
Let's start with the day that HellBone griefed our clubhouse, shall we?!
Such a clever President, to grief his own club... He claims that it was an accident because he was out to shoot a probie and grabbed the wrong weapon, but who would choose that moment to try out a weapon in a to be sorted folder LOL...(BTW... Thank you Jimmy for the Gifs LOL)
Although, it's not just our wonderful President that does random crazy things... Our VP has done his fair share of crazy this week too... The ghost avatar that he has been sporting recently, with his crazy dancing AO has had me in stitches LOL...
Both Hell and Jimmy managed to redeem their good names later on when they were hung over at Savage Storm Riders, to raise money for Breast Cancer Charities...
We got a new AFK board for the Clubhouse too... Anyone that goes AFK at the Clubhouse had better park themselves here or they risk a photo opportunity with Rudh's Penis Tree!!! Don't Tila, Joy, Jimmy and I make great things to pin to a pin-board?!
Oh and Tila... This is what happened that time you went AFK at the Clubhouse, without a tag LOL...
Just one more photo featuring the creepy thing that has been wandering around the sim on and off since the maze opened... He was spotted dancing with Soda!! I say dancing but they were working on the thriller routine, so it was more like Zombie shuffling in places... Or, possibly something else judging by this photo?! LOL!
Who knows what pictures next month will bring... Tune in next time for more Crazy Gators!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Badges for some!!!

The meeting on Saturday, once again, saw a few changes in the MC... Things for the better, although some sad things too... Never nice to have sad things at meetings, but you know we seem to be stronger for it each and every time... This time we saw KaraD step down from her role of Enforcer, but don't worry she won't be leaving the MC, which is definitely a happy thing to beat the sad thing.
This was her own personal choice, but it did leave a bit of a gap...
In stepped our very own demon, Lexana... She had applied for the position of Enforcer pretty much the moment she earnt her full colours. At the time there was no space for her. BUT NOW, this scary demoness will be going through some training, learning the ropes, and working through a 30 day trial period to see if she can protect the family... It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it LOL... You'd be a fool to mess with a Demoness!!!
Then it was time for the Probies... Rava had been working hard with them, and it was felt that at least two should come into the spotlight!
Solde Rothmanay, our very girlie girl, fashion designing and sultry voiced - could get a job as a phone sex operator if she needed extra cash - prospect, was first up for discussion. With a unanimous vote, and the feeling that she had been one of us even in the earliest days of her Prospecting, Solde was made one of us.
Then it was the turn of our Pretty Boy, Gary Burton... He like Solde had been one of us from the start. He gave as good as he got when it came to joking around, and didn't seem to mind when he was used for training by Lexana - remember the game of "see ya Pretty Boy" - and he, also like Solde, was voted in unanimously...
Both of you seemed like true Gators from the start... You'd come through various MCs in your time, yet we hope that you've finally found a family where you can be happy and be yourself...
Welcome to the family guys and congrats to Lex!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Treats of Prospects for Halloween!!

We have a new prospect walking amongst us... No tricks for us this halloween, as our treats come in the form of a savvy yet sweet blonde!
Susie88 Resident came to us through Gary and Solde, and from the moment she arrived she felt like one of us. Being Gary's Ol'Lady, she's already proved that she can put up with any crap that comes her way - LOL - but she has a sweet attitude and a great sense of humour to match... I cannot quite believe we've found a woman that is willing to shit as much as HellBone, but it's true...
Welcome to the family Susie! It won't be long before you are one of us I'm sure, you're already well on your way with your tasks and definitely seem to be fitting in!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Let's have some Funnies shall we?!

OK I need to clear up my photo collection again LOL, and I have some funnies that as always need to be shared...
For those of you that are new to the MC, if ever you catch a crazy, random, weird - maybe cute, but funny is better - moment in photographs, please make sure you let me have them and I will try to share what I can with you in one of these posts!
Due to the fact that I went home for a week, some of these are a little older now, but still worth showing for sure!
Starting off with KaraD's Rezzday... If you don't know I'll explain. Basically on your Rezzday you become the King or Queen of the MC for the day. You get to decide what the MC will do, no matter how crazy it might be! KaraD was in an evil mood it would seem, she wanted us all to get into our Nooby looks and go hunting in Bentham Forest. It was actually a LOT funnier than we thought, we were all busy laughing at the way we looked and having a really good time... So thanks for that KaraD it was FUN!
At a previous rally, I don't remember which as we had two so close - maybe Star Riders? - HellBone went over to enter their Go-Cart race, and well... GATORS ARE WINNERS!!! YAY!
Though as always there have been some rather random goings on around the MC! No matter where we are! Jimmy was out exploring one day and stumbled upon a shrine to three wise samurai. What was shocking was on closer inspection he noticed someone very familiar hehe...
If that wasn't crazy enough, a few days ago HellBone had been building his hippy bus and asked for help! Maybe it was the weed smoke in the air but suddenly four of the MC girls became a super transformer style united being LOL... I know it's nearly Halloween but the combined forces of Tila, Soda, KaraD and Rudh is enough to scare away any intruder...
Things got so bad, that normally calm and friendly G-Man had to step in to save some of the girls!
Which of course, made the possibly possessed - though you can never be sure - Eugene suffer some strange side effects... Such as a transformation into Eugina...
Or a moment of confusion when he had a very strong fondness for Animals?! (Funny how he gets so much coverage and he isn't even a Gator innit?! Mind you he is covering for both Blake and Athrun to keep up numbers of crazy photos I take - so thanks Eugene LOL)
We carried on with the spooky by taking a trip to the Savage Storm Riders MC Haunted House too... The house was great fun to explore and I think that we got rather excited collecting pumpkins whilst we were roaming around.
They had a strange and slightly crazy looking wolf locked away in the house, and we all had to check him closely, just to make sure it wasn't Blake...
ONE MORE THING TODAY... We have the next Leonardo Da Vinci in our family!
As you can see, this amazing work by Mick Sarrasine - Rava's Man - who paints under the pseudonym of Sir Pickle, perfectly captured the beauty that is Rava Roxan. In the same way that people question Da Vinci's master work, the Mona Lisa, asking if she is smiling, you can study this picture and ask yourself "are her tits real?"
LOL that's all for this random funnies post my little Gatorlings... Don't stop sending me pictures and remember you never know who is watching, so do something freaking funny will ya?!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

It's Finally Open!

Finally after a couple of months of collecting ideas and then many man hours of building, the Gator Maze 2014 has risen from the murky waters of the swamp and come back to haunt our little corner of the SL Universe.
The sounds that are emanating from the house as you ride your bike around the roads of the Gator track will give you the chills, and once you walk through the doors, you are soon to be lost within it's creaking walls... Just be careful of things that are lurking in the dark, you never know who is waiting for you...
We had an epically horrific opening party on Friday October 10th, with a spookily haunting performance by our Gator favourite - Moon Spark. Then at the stroke of 2PM, the doors burst open with a wail... Slowly, one by one the brave guests slowly wandered through the doors... Screams were heard, and many of them were never seen again! (OK they all made it out but it sounded more dramatic that way LOL!)
All of the members of the MC that were there were in some horrible costumes... They all looked positively gruesome!!!
The next event at the maze will be Saturday 18th from 12am - 12pm SLT!!! It's a hunt with some scary prizes!!! Don't miss out!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Three Fresh Faces...

Well, well, well what have we here... Three new Prospects in crazy Gator land?! I've often heard the saying about weather being dry but when it rains, it pours, and right now in the family it seems we are stuck to that familiar pattern of having our prospects start in multiples LOL... Not that that's a bad thing of course!
Prior to the opening event of the Gator Maze, we had one brave person reaching for her colours... After the Maze opening party, one of our long time supporters took the plunge, and then she too pulled her brother in at the deep-end!
Let me introduce them...
First up we have FireWild6666, or Fire for short, who was brought to us by her man, our baby Gator - Athrun. She's a girl with a southern charm, always polite and well, OK, there is a definite hint of the crazy buried beneath the surface! Although fairly new to SL, Fire has already grown a set of fangs, I just wonder if she can bite as hard as our pet gators?!
Then after the party we were surprised to hear that one of our long time supporters had decided to take the plunge. Solde Rothmanay - already nicknamed Soda by HellBone - was a friend of the MC from way back when she was in her previous club. After taking a long break from the MC world, to focus on her modelling, she felt ready to come back and felt most at home with us. This would lead me to believe that like Fire, she has a touch of the crazy in her too LOL...
Last but by no means least we have Gary Burton. Brother to Solde, she introduced him and he just kinda stuck around, which is great because the MC could use a little more testosterone LOL... He too has had experience of the MC life, and like Solde took a bit of a break to find time to do other things and has recently decided to return. Whether it was his sister bullying him, the fact he felt he could be himself within the level of crazy we have here or some other reason entirely, we will never know!
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY YOU GUYS!!! We're glad to have you on-board, can't wait to see you in your full patches as soon as possible!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Maze is COMING!

Last year we had our very own Haunted Horror Experience and this year we are doing it again... This year it is going to be bigger, badder and with much more blood than last year!
You never know what hidden surprises await for you in the dark and haunted house...
A house that appeared as if by magic in a lonely corner of the MC swamp, a house from which all manner of creepy noises seem to be emanating, a house that should have a warning over the door - one which reads "GO BACK!"
The grand opening party of the maze will be held tonight - Friday October 10th - at 1PM SLT, and we are planning events every week in the run up to the time the maze will disappear...

A schedule of events runs along the lines of;
* Friday October 10th - 1PM SLT - Grand Opening of the Maze, will be a Costume Party with a performance from Moon Spark. The doors to the Maze will open at 2PM SLT.
* Saturday October 18th - TBA - The Hunt in the Maze, will be a festive evening of hidden prizes for anyone brave enough to go searching for them. We are still looking for sponsors, so if anyone knows anyone please have them contact me ASAP!!!
* Saturday October 25th - TBA - Party time again... Chels and I are still in the planning stages of this one LOL...
* Saturday November 1st - TBA - Likewise with this week... If you have any event ideas that could be fun while for in and around the maze please let Chels know!
* Saturday November 8th - TBA - The destruction of the maze party... The maze is closing it's doors for another year. Chelsea is planning a party for today, with a live performance, but will the monsters want to leave?

So that's all we have planned, as you can see the event schedule is a bit of a work in progress still but hey I went away and we didn't get a chance to finish entirely LOL...
Can't wait to see you all looking awesome tonight... and remember the more scary you look, the more fun you're going to have chasing people out of your rooms hehe!!!