Sunday, 26 January 2014

Come and play with us, damn it... Dice's Place Opens!

There have been many changes in the MC in the last few weeks - things which will get a mention later on - but one of the most fun has been the grand opening of our new gaming room - hosted, managed and run by our very own Demon, Dyson...
The event went without a hitch, spanning two different days and seeing a number of our friends pass through the doors of the game room.
There are so many games on offer in the game room including Greedy, Pentadee, Sorry and - my personal favourite - Cards Against Humanity. There is also an outdoor movie area, where you can kick back, laze in the sun or moonlight depending on your personal tastes and watch a selection of movies that will be updated from time to time.
From now on the game room will be open and available to drop in to, and Dyson plans to hold a game night every Tuesday from 4-6PM SLT... If, however, you see him - DysonCadeCardell Resident aka Dice - or another Gator around and you want us to come and play, please feel free to drop us an IM...

Come check out Dice's Place, or more to the point, "Come play with us, damn it!"

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Satan's Spawns Rally...

We've been waiting for ages, and a rally is finally here...The Satan's Spawns MC are our hosts for this four day long event and there seems to be a lot to see and do that will cover most of our various time zones!
We have our rusty old rally truck - pulled out of its parking place in the swamp - with our cosy campfire and brilliant facilities. Please excuse the stains on the matress, and bare in mind we have the only working toilet at the rally!
Surrounded by some new faces and parked close to our allies, The Mongoose MC, remember the rally is a great place to network and meet new people, and it's about time the Gator roar was heard once again!

Get to the Rally
Get to the Gator Truck

A copy of the rally schedule will be sent in world, that will include the LM to our truck, but to make things easier I am including an abbreviated copy of the schedule here too! (Sorry I am late with it!)

Thursday 9 January:
10am - 12noon SLT - DJ Metals
2pm - 4pm SLT - DJ Jules Setzer
4pm - 6pm SLT - DJ Corproal
6pm - 8pm SLT - CONCERT... PINK

Friday 10 January:
4am - 6am SLT - DJ Kull
6am - 8am SLT - DJ Kull
12noon - 2pm SLT - DJ Metals
2pm - 4pm SLT - DJ Jules Setzer
4pm - 6pm SLT - DJ Corproal
6pm - 8pm SLT  - Wet T and Wet boxers Contest - ALL participants will get a L$250 gift card

Saturday 11 January:
6am - 8am SLT - Jail 'n' Bail (Running all day until 3PM SLT)
8am - 10am SLT - DJ Metals
10am - 12noon SLT - DJ Miss Tazzi
12noon - 2pm SLT - DJ Jules Setzer
4pm - 6pm SLT- Demolition Derby
6pm - 8pm SLT - Nutsack Hoppitty and Short Bus

Sunday 12 January:
8am - 10am SLT - DJ Metals
10am - 12noon SLT - DJ Reaper (Pghreaper Wopat)
12noon - 3pm SLT - DJ Miss Tazzi
3pm - 4pm SLT - MC ride - open to all
4pm - 6pm SLT - CONCERT... AC/DC
6pm - 8pm SLT - DJ Slinky Metalier
8pm - 10pm SLT - DJ Jules Setzer

Monday, 6 January 2014

Let the Gators Out Boys...

It's that time again... The time that we let two of our probies throw off their probie coats and slip into something a little more, well... Gatorfied! That's right, our probies became fully fledged Gators on Saturday...
Dyson was up first. Our blue haired Dyson was dragged into the MC by Kenzee, but he soon proved that he was wanting to be with us for more than just her by spending heaps of time hanging out and by fitting right in with our craziness.  Although we don't haze our probies, Dyson definitely took it all in good humour when he fell asleep and we got the chance to decorate him - and if he misbehaves the evidence may go on public display... LOL!
Then we have Liquid. It was a little touch and go with this one, mostly because he was almost grounded just prior to the voting LOL... Liquid became a member of the Gator family in more ways than one, as during his probie period he was adopted first as a twin brother to Kenzee and then as a son to HellBone and myself. He has a unique sense of style - wearing horns or other interesting features a lot, but he works it well with his Gator vest.
Welcome to the family boys!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

A New Year...

A New Year has started and 2014 looks set to be a great year for the MC... We rang out the old year in, with a random spur of the moment gathering around the campfire... The Crazy 8's descended upon us bringing the H&H with them...
We've just had our first meeting of the year and the MC is planning lots and lots of fun in the near future...
Not long now till our 1 year anniversary! Who knows what we will have in the pipeline for that?