Thursday, 20 February 2014

A New Girl in a Probie Vest

Finally there is going to be a boost to the girlieness in the MC... We've been dominated by the males for the last few days what with all of the boys in their Probie Vests...
Karakarasu, also known as Kara, has pulled on a vest due to her connections with Stuart, but she is making a statement in the MC all on her very own.
She is fairly new to the idea of being in an MC and riding a bike, but after her first ride-out yesterday during which she rode all on her own and did a damn good job of it, she definitely seems to fit in... Oh and she is just as cheeky as the rest of us girls too, which looks promising for us as it means we can drive Hell just that little bit more insane! YAY!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Look Who's Back!

Well Gators... Today I bring awesome news...
It is official, the Gators MC family is like a drug... People keep coming back for more LOL!! DG took a little leave of absence a while back and NOW one of our founding members has come back from a very long SL MC Vacation.
He is prospecting again, just because so many faces in the MC are new to him, but let me introduce Charles...
Mr Larimore was one of the founding Gators, all the way back one year ago now... He was a quiet but ever noticeable member of the MC purely and simply because he knows way too many interesting things to do with candles and had a very special nickname for HellBone!
Welcome Back to the family Charles... Don't you be running off on us again LOL!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A whole year of Gatorness!

I cannot quite believe that I am saying this, but this coming Saturday sees our lovely little Gators MC celebrate it's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That's right, ONE YEAR!
This time last year, the idea of the Gators MC was just a twinkling in HellBone's eye... After blood, sweat, tears and a little road rash for good measure, HellBone has pulled together one of the friendliest and most closely bonded MCs that I've heard of. We've seen people come and go, we've had good times and bad times, and through it all we have made some awesome friends and have all ridden through the rubbish as a family unit, so we definitely feel that it is the right time to PARTY!!!!
We don't want just one party though... NO THAT WON'T DO... We've planned an entire week of events... With lots of fun activities, and we hope something to please even the grumpiest bikers out there!
A brief schedule of events between Saturday, Feb. 15th 2014 and Saturday, Feb. 22nd 2014 looks a little something like this;

Gators MC Clubhouse
Gators MC Track
Gators MC Dice's Place
Gators MC Cage Of Death
Saturday February 15th:

11AM SLT - A Ride with G-Man at the Gators MC Track....

It's a short but sweet track set in the Gator inhabited swamp. Come and help us start our Birthday celebrations by waking the swamp up!

Followed by a Party till we drop with DJ HellBone (aka Mr President)...
The first of two gatherings involving music and chatting just because we can! Come socialize and enjoy the good company!

Monday February 17th:

11AM SLT to 1PM SLT - Gators meet and greet and scavenger hunt... Starting at the Gators MC Track.
Come out and meet the members of the Gators MC!
We will also be having a scavenger hunt during this time awarding prizes to those that can complete the hunt!

Tuesday February 18th:

10AM SLT - 12PM SLTGators MC Cage of Death Contest...
We are bikers right? How about you prove how much of a biker you are by riding a bike in the Cage of Death?
The most laps in 60 seconds wins a HUGE prize!

Wednesday February 19th:

9AM SLT - Gaming at Gators MC Dice's Place...
Gators love Games. Gators love being the winner and can be very stubborn. So starting from 9AM SLT today we are having a gaming extravaganza...
We'll open the game room, and anyone is free to come and try to beat us at some of our favourite games...

Friday February 21st:

11AM SLT - 1PM SLT - Giant game of tag for stress relief! Starting at the Gators MC Track.
Simple: You've had a stressful week at work and looking forward to the weekend? Let out all your stress with a two hour game of tag using a very simple addition to your Avatar.

(We will have a box containing the attachment you have to wear at the landing point, just buy one for free. You will have a blue exclamation point over your head once you wear the item, when you do RUN! If at any point you have the red arrow over your head, then that means you are IT! If you have a red arrow, then bump into anyone with a blue exclamation point to tag them, then RUN LIKE THE WIND!)

Saturday February 22nd:

12PM SLT - 2PM SLT - Wrap Up Party for our week of partying... Join us at the Gators MC Clubhouse!
The week wraps up with the second gathering of music, chatting and silliness.
Come hang out, party and be crazy! We may even have a live performance from our very own Sexy Songstress!

Our Newest Little Probie!

We've caught ourself another wild Gator and are slowly reeling him in... A new Probie trying to earn himself a full member vest was pulled into the family on Sunday!
ALUKA really does take the MC to it's worldwide status. He comes from India, and is a long way ahead of SL time, but due to his friendship with Geo, he found us. Having faced rejection in the past from other MCs - due to his nationality so we are told - he persevered in finding the right home, and that perseverance really shows his Gator colours!
Welcome to the family in your prospecting colours ALUKA... It won't be long till we hear your Gator Roar, I'm sure of it!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

B.A.D.A.S.S Bikers Rally...

There is a new rally... Who doesn't love a rally!! We all get excited whenever we have a rally that we can go to play at and you all know it's true. We were given special permission to join the rally, as originally it was only meant for members of the B.A.D.A.S.S Presidents group, yet HellBone pulled a few strings and we get to go show off our Gator Roar!
There is a HUGE schedule of events for the rally, which I will send out in a group notice to ensure everyone knows what is going on, but the rally has one main sim location as well as events taking place at various B.A.D.A.S.S Bikers sims! So remember to check the event LMs carefully!


Saturday February 8th: (Today's events will all be taking place at the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 12-2pm SLT: Meet & Greet
* 2-4pm SLT: Dress the President - Everyone has Newbie things in inventory maybe a crazy costume. IF you have it and you can transfer it, the prez has to put  it on! Sounds like a great kodak moment to me.
* 4-6pm SLT: Pink Floyd Concert  
* 6-8pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Kat
* 9-10pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Montana

Sunday February 9th: 
* 11-2pm SLT: Shooting Competition at Iron Maidens MC - Best score on the 40m Range ....
                                1st place        1000L$ L&B Voucher
                                2nd place         500L$ L&B Voucher
* 2-4pm SLT: Bowling Tournament at Eternal Knights Moorland MC
* 4-6pm SLT: Zombie Shootout at H&H MC
* 6-8pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Tazzi (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 8-10pm SLT: Live Singer - Longhard Rhode (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)

Monday February 10th:
* 11-2pm SLT: Jail & Bail at Savage Storm Riders MC
* 2-4pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ SXXY (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 4-7pm SLT: Bull Ridding Competition at Savage Storm Riders MC
* 7-10pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Kat (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)

Tuesday February 11th: 
* 12-2pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Cam (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 2-4pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Archimedes (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 4-6pm SLT: Womans Mud Wrestling at H&H MC
* 7-9pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Angel

Wednesday February 12th:
* 12-2pm SLT: Poker Run at Spirit Warriors MC
* 4-6pm SLT: Aerosmith Concert (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 6-8pm SLT: Bikini Contest at Tainted Angels MC
* 8-10pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Blackmoon (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)

Thursday February 13th: 
* 2-4pm SLT: Mini Golf at Outlaw Nomads MC
* 4-6pm SLT: Auction Time (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 6-8pm SLT: Dead Weather Concert at Rockin' Rollers MC
* 8-10pm SLT: Live singer - Longhard Rhode (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)

Friday February 14th: 
* 12-2pm SLT: Kart Racing at Wild Girls MC
* 2-4pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Angel (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 4-6pm SLT:  Bikers Sweetheart Ball at Spirit Warriors MC
* 6-8pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Blackmoon (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION)
* 8-10pm SLT: DJ Session with DJ Montana (At the MAIN EVENT LOCATION) 

Saturday February 15th: (Today's events will all be taking place at the MAIN EVENT LOCATION) 
* 12-2pm SLT: DJ Session with Dj Archimedes 
* 2-4pm SLT: APW Wrestling Brought brought to you by DTMC
* 4-6pm SLT: Metalica Concert 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

They wannabe Gators...

Well Well Well looks like the Gators have gotten themselves two new Prospects this week... Nichole stepped into her role of Mentor well by holding their intact interviews and now we have to watch and see how these two fair with the Gator way of living...
First up, and maybe a shock to some of you, we have Ureowned - or Geo - back trying to Prospect with us again. The Gators are firm believers in people deserving second chances, and after a long discussion on this particular probie, we allowed him that new chance. He has wanted to try to earn his colours before, and after a disastrous attempt, disappeared off into the SL MC world, but it would appear he still wanted to be a Gator. For that he gets points!
The second Prospect this week is the crazy Bulldozer we know as Stuart. He's been hanging around just a little while and already earnt himself a nickname of Bulldozer - the name will seem explainable enough once you've been on a ride with him LOL! Stuart is brand new to the MC world but has always had an interest in bikes, coming to us through HellBone's store... He seems to fit very well so far and when he is around you will hear him laughing with Hell... Two guys with the same sense of humour in the MC, as if HellBone wasn't bad enough LOL!!!
Welcome to the family boys, let's get you patched in quickly huh?! Time for some tasks I think!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

What's happening with the Gators?

There have been so many things happening in the MC as of late that it has been difficult to keep up. I have finally found the time - and have my head screwed on enough - to be able to share the many goings on with you all...
Firstly the fun stuff...
Today HellBone is celebrating his birthday and last night Dyson, with a little help from Kenzee and myself, planned a surprise party... The party itself was a surprise, but I think for Hell, the biggest surprise of them all was the cake covered, Dyson shaped, surprise hehe...
We've been on rides, had meetings and rocked out with our allies the Sons of War MC at their recent Disturbed Concert...
But there have been some important changes to the ranks along the way...
Juli has stepped down and out of the MC. This was her decision and it was something she felt she needed to do. She left us on good terms though and she knows she will always be welcome around her family, we all wish her lots of luck, but it left a bit of a VP shaped hole in the MC...
HellBone scoured his brain and fought long and hard with the decision that had to be mad... Two candidates stuck in the forefront of his mind and eventually we all feel he made the right choice. Kenzee was promoted to the role of VP!
Then we had two extra officer spots that needed to be filled... Firstly we pulled Dyson up to the rank of Road Captain. He seemed perfect for that job, but if that wasn't all, Dice has now become the Gator MC event co-ordinator. Any events planned by the Gators will now be handled by Dyson.
Secondly, now that Kenzee is our VP we had a Mentor position open... Nichole took over that role and will be working in a mother/daughter mentoring team to help our new prospects and help our family grow!
Congratulations you three... You deserve it!