Tuesday, 4 February 2014

They wannabe Gators...

Well Well Well looks like the Gators have gotten themselves two new Prospects this week... Nichole stepped into her role of Mentor well by holding their intact interviews and now we have to watch and see how these two fair with the Gator way of living...
First up, and maybe a shock to some of you, we have Ureowned - or Geo - back trying to Prospect with us again. The Gators are firm believers in people deserving second chances, and after a long discussion on this particular probie, we allowed him that new chance. He has wanted to try to earn his colours before, and after a disastrous attempt, disappeared off into the SL MC world, but it would appear he still wanted to be a Gator. For that he gets points!
The second Prospect this week is the crazy Bulldozer we know as Stuart. He's been hanging around just a little while and already earnt himself a nickname of Bulldozer - the name will seem explainable enough once you've been on a ride with him LOL! Stuart is brand new to the MC world but has always had an interest in bikes, coming to us through HellBone's store... He seems to fit very well so far and when he is around you will hear him laughing with Hell... Two guys with the same sense of humour in the MC, as if HellBone wasn't bad enough LOL!!!
Welcome to the family boys, let's get you patched in quickly huh?! Time for some tasks I think!

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