Saturday, 29 March 2014

More Probies!

Two more probies to add to our little Gator cooking pot... I will admit that they have been within the MC earning their colours for a good few days now but I have just been so busy - and will also admit that I had forgotten I hadn't done it for at least ONE of these boys - that I didn't get a chance to share their candid snapshots in here yet!
MeGaByTe Pienaar aka Mega, is another Dutchie to add to HellBone's growing hoard of his nationals, but unfortunately for Hell this one comes with a great deal of knowledge about his sordid SL past hehe... He was actually brought into the family by another good friend of his, lil Miss Kara, and so it once again goes to show how small SL can be lol... So far Mega seems to be doing a great job fitting with the family and I don't think it will be long until he truly becomes one of us...
Then we have Violetangelxii aka Blake Spires - thank goodness he has a ready made nickname hehe... Blake is another one of those people that gives our MC's World Wide status a very real and correct use. He is a Filippino, meaning he is at least 16 hours ahead of SL time! Blimey!
Both of these two lovely guys - like the rest of our probies - really seem to fit in and get on with the family and any tasks that Nikki throws at them...
Speaking of Nikki, YOU GO GIRL... You're really deserving of the tag of world's hardest working Mentor at the moment LOL...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Crazy 8's Sim is finally Opening!!!

As you may or may not know, we love the Crazy 8's... They are a great bunch of people to be around and any time we all go over to hang out we are welcomed and able to feel right at home.
So now we can get excited, and share with everyone that the new home to our favourite Non-Gator MC is finally being opened... Officially! So much hard work - blood, sweat and possibly tears, although they will never tell - have been poured into making this sim not only a great place to ride, but also a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to hang out in.
They are hosting a week of events - not a rally, more of a come look-see - and the events look set to be great fun...
Yesterday saw the official opening, with Bike Washing and a live performance by Anek Fuchs. There is so much more to come this week however, that the easiest way to share details is by using their schedule. HellBone will be DJing a few times, and I would like to ask people that anyone who takes photos of the MC at the events, can they please throw them at me either in Skype or in-world!
So, the Crazy 8's events are as follows... (I've not posted Monday and Tuesday, because it is already Wednesday at the time of posting LOL!!)
Wednesday, March 26th:  
2:00 PM SLT  -  Melee @ at the Rumble Club
6:00 PM SLT  -  Lynyrd Skynyrd
Thusday, March 27th:
2:00 PM SLT  -  Ball of Death
 6:00 PM SLT -  Rush
Friday, March 28th:    
2:00PM SLT   -  Barrel Roll
 6:00PM SLT  -  Led Zepplin
Saturday, March 29th:
1:00PM SLT  -  Cock Fight
4:00PM SLT  - AC/DC
Thank you Akasha for letting me use the poster honey, and Good Luck to the Crazy 8's this week!!!

A Gator8 Harlem Shake

Whilst the Crazy 8's were busy setting up their sim, we needed to do something to help cheer Nikki up... She was sad and needed something crazy to laugh about to help her forget her problems just a little bit. She'd been dancing around our sim with a rainbow shooting outta her butt, but that wasn't funny enough, she HAD to dress like a unicorn - everyone knows they fart rainbows - and I knew just the place to to find the look she needed... INTRIGUE CO!
Then once suited and booted, we headed over to our favourite Non-Gator MC to cause just a little rainbow chaos!
Nikki ran circles around members at their clubhouse, before we jumped on her bike and left rainbow trails across the sim! But that wasn't the only chaos we caused that day...
The gorgeous Vice President - Miss Akasha - of the Crazy 8's was decorating the new playground on the sim! SO COOL THEY HAVE A PLAYGROUND BY THE WAY!!! Nikki and I stopped to lend a helping hand, you know just to test things... Turned out that both MCs love to act like kids, and what started as testing became something more like a school recess!
Followed very swiftly by HARLEM SHAKE TIME!!!
This is HellBone's VERY FIRST VIDEO, and we all think it turned out great LOL... Who'd have thought that some people think of Bikers as scary huh?? LOL

Monday, 24 March 2014

A random collection of photos!

I was browsing through my photo collection for the MC and realised I have some cracking photos that will take us on a trip down memory lane... Why not share them! Anyone that ever wants to give me photos, please do, you never know when I may pull them into a random photo show hehe...
Nikki cools off after a hard day's work... Her boobies are the perfect place to rest a nice cold can of whatever she needs to drink hehe...
There is always one sweet, romantic, shy one in every boyband... We have an ALUKA shaped version in the MC hehe...
BROMANCE!!! 'Nuff Said!
Then again, maybe there is something more going on here that we don't actually know about LOL... Hell wouldn't just poop on anyone, or would he?
Kara went up for auction this month as a House of V sub... The money went to the Race for Life charity, and she made a good chunk of change for the charity!!!
One of our new probies decided to show that not all the scary things come in big packages... She might be little but man that girl has a gun bigger than she is... ZOMBIES BEWARE!
DG got to be queen for the Day on her Rezday... Something which will now be instituted whenever someone is celebrating their rezdays! Parties on the RL Birthdays, Royalty with the power to do waht they want on their rezdays LOL...
All the Probies have mighty balls in the Gators LOL...

Lastly in my photo hoard... NIKKI GOT HELLBONE TO BITCH!!! LOL

Saturday, 22 March 2014

And Two More Makes Five!

We've hit a total of FIVE new probies all at once, and OK we still have Geo working for his colours, so the MC has now got 6 probies working for their Gator Tags... The two newest seem to fit well with the family, wanting to be a part of that close family atmosphere and wanting to have a good time whilst doing so.
First up we have another lady... Little Miss Perizada Strangelove has come to the MC through a historic connection with Nikki and DG. She brings a touch of cute and a love of all things pink to the MC... According to Nikki she wants a family to be around, I just hope that we aren't too crazy for her hehe...
Then we have Mr JustinTaylor59 Resident... Justin is another Dutchie in the MC - like we needed more, they are taking over LOL -  and he loves to explore, finding new tracks and sharing those with the rest of his friends... Maybe we have a possible new RC in the making?
Both of these two, like the rest of our new Probies, all seem to fit in the family well so far... Let's just see how they fair once Nikki is done testing them!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

OOPA! Lock up your plates, a Greek Probie in the Family!

Last night Nikki was on a roll, she got us another one through a Prospecting interview LOL... This time we're extending our World Wide status a little more into Europe, and this time we can say that we have another reason to hide the good crockery, as we welcome a gorgeous Greek into our family...
Bessie has never been in an MC before but she seems to fit with the family very well so far. She wants to learn to ride a bike, but she is willing at that is what always counts...
The MC is growing and becoming more and more multicultural as the time goes on, and that is exactly what we wanted to see... A group of friends, a family of sorts, from all different corners of the globe... That was one of the things that Bessie wanted to see when she joined us, I guess she got her wish, now to just get her a patch huh?!
Welcome to the family Bessie!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Our New Probies make the World Wide Tag fit!

Our MC has always been a little international, we've got a collection of members from all over Europe and North America, with one even as far away as India, but thanks to our Probies - the recent additions to the MC - we can finally say that we are truly sticking to the tag of a world wide MC...
Our first new Probie has been around the MC on and off since we caused chaos at the Northcliffe Coyotes Bar. Little Miss EcstacyTinkerbell seems to have enjoyed being around the family, coming over to join us at random events, including the paint ball... She's our Pirate - due to her RL location - edition to the MC, and even though she doesn't talk much she really seems to enjoy hanging out and being a part of the family.
The second of our new Probies, is one that found us through Kara. He is a little shy about speaking English - with the exception of his favourite three words in a phrase "Oh my God!" - but he says that he enjoys being around a family that has as much fun as we do, and that is what counts.
Not long now guys and we could get you wearing full Gator patches!!!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Painting the sim in rainbow colours...

Sunday saw the first event organised by our new MC Event Co-Ordinator. Nikki spent HOURS if not DAYS, fine tuning her event space and setting up what was to be an epic first event... Paint ball, on a hugely terrorising court filled with cages, ramps, tunnels and dark corners.
The teams were divided... Reds against Blues - which strangely turned into an American against the Rest of the World battle LOL...
Nikki went over the details, made sure everyone knew what they were doing and the rules then into the box they ran... Then the screams and taunting began. Standing outside the box it almost sounded like torture was taking place, but turns out it was just the Gators on a hunting mission...
On the Epic course, the blues and reds went into hiding... Some remaining sneaky as sharp shooters, the others heading out in a blaze of glory...
Now bearing in mind, the teams were equally split, and both had some novice and not-so-novice members, it was decided to look at the number of kills for each person... Nikki had a scoreboard ready and waiting... and just look at who came out on top!
Way to go Kara and Nikki... You guys are scary with those guns!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Sorry was thinking of a title for the post and started randomly singing the song - sorry Mr Bowie, it was a little off key! - but anyway it sums up the post that I am about to write so I let it stick hehe...
Lots has been happening in Gatorland this last week, some of it good, some of it not so good but we're going to keep moving forward and reaching for the goals we want to reach...
First up news wise, we have a new Vice President... Now I know I am late putting it up here and everyone knows, but DG has stepped up to the role of VP and seems to be doing a good job! I say seems to be lol, but I down play it because we all know if I say anything more exciting she will get a big head and we'll never hear the end of it LOL!!!
Congrats DG!!!
We also got some of our probies into their full patches on Saturday... Charles - a founding member - came back to us and well it was kinda a forgone conclusion that he wouldn't have to wait long till he had his vest back! ALUKA and Kara went through their prospecting period first time, and both were very successful. He found it a little harder to be around due to a 6 hour time difference and a crappy connection, and she had no trouble making her presence known to everyone, but both did brilliantly and took on whatever we asked of them... So congrats on your Big Kids vests!!
There were also changes in other areas of the MC management too... Nikki was given an extra title - officially as Event Co-Ordinator but I guess in a way unofficially as my stress-relieving-event-planning-minion LOL... She's kicking up a storm, re-organising things and planning big events, such as the paint ball contest that will be taking place on Sunday at 11AM SLT!
Congrats to everyone, and keep up the good work guys... You're making this MC a great place to be!

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Gators Roar at a Rally in the Valley...

Time for ANOTHER RALLY!!! The Rally season is really hotting up in MC land, and we're getting about all over the place causing our very own brand of Gator Madness...
This time we head over to the Hell on Heels MC Rally in the Valley... Running though-out the weekend, with all different kinds of treats in store...
Our truck is located at the end of the main road, running past the event areas including the bike show and the bull riding. We're parked up there, wedged between The Crazy 8's and Hell's Belles... Just hop on your bike at the main landing point and turn right, you can't miss us...
On with the rally schedule...

2pm - 3pm SLT: Live Performance from Johnny Paramour at Helli's Place
4pm - 6pm SLT: DJ Jazz at Helli's Place
4pm - 5pm SLT: BULL RIDING
5pm - 6pm SLT: Paint Ball 
6pm - 7.30pm SLT: HEART Tribute Performance at the Concert Area
8pm - 9pm SLT: Live Performance from Grif Bamaisin at the 4 Corners Campfire
9.15pm SLT: FIREWORKS at the 4 Corners Campfire

4pm - 6pm SLT: DJ Jazz at Helli's Place
10am - 12pm SLT: Capture the Flag at the Broken Spoke Biker Bar
12pm - 2pm SLT: DJ Sundown at Helli's Place
12pm - 2pm SLT: Barrel Roll Race 
2pm - 3.30pm SLT: MOTORHEAD Tribute Performance at the Concert Area
4pm - 6pm SLT: DJ Jazz at Helli's Place
4pm - 5pm SLT: Bare Boobies Bull Riding
5pm - 6pm SLT: Wet T-shirt Contest at Helli's Place
6pm - 7.30pm SLT: LYNARD SKYNARD Tribute Performance at the Concert Area
8pm - 9pm SLT: Live Performance from Longhard Rhode at the 4 Corners Campfire
9pm - 10pm SLT: Live Performance from Norm Reyholds at the 4 Corners Campfire
10.15pm SLT: FIREWORKS at the 4 Corners Campfire

9am - 11am SLT: POKER RUN
11am - 12pm SLT: POKER RUN TALLY UP at Helli's Place
12pm - 2pm SLT: DEMO DERBY
2pm - 3.30pm SLT: VOLBEAT Tribute Performance at the Concert Area
3.30pm - 5pm SLT: GATCHA Swap Meet
5pm - 6.30pm SLT: PSYCHOPHOBIA Tribute Performance at the Concert Area

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dancing on the Bar at Northcliffe Coyotes

The Manager of Northcliffe Coyotes, Miss Wendy Helstein, contacted the MC recently to find out if we would be interested in being the guests of honour at her club's first Biker Night...
Now we'd heard that the dress code for this place was similar to that of the movie Coyote Ugly... Cowboy boots and short shorts all the way, but as the biker element in their biker night, our own dress code somehow evolved. Short leather shorts and our vests were the look of the day - and that was just for HellBone LOL! All joking aside, our matching looks seemed to come out of nowhere, but I think we made a bit of an impression hehe...
Northcliffe Coyotes - as I have mentioned before - is loosely based on the style of the bar from the movie Coyote Ugly. The rocking DJ and his assistant dancers took their places up on the bar... Shaking their stuff and wooing the punters, but today they weren't alone... We were given special permission to join them!
Never ones to be shy - well most of the girls, I can get a little shy at times - we hopped up on that bar and created chaos... DG, Nikki and Kara definitely heated the place up just a little, flirting with those that were around, I behaved myself taking photos - thank you to my PC for deciding to break, and thank you to duavivo for sharing her photos with us!
The dance floor was filled with some very lovely people, all of which were being watched by Wendy. Those that interacted with us, were in line to win a bike donated for the event by HellBone, and luckily it went to someone who seemed to be interested in coming to join us! In fact, we found 2 potential new recruits!!!
Just two more pictures to share some of the fun...
OH AND don't forget to check out both Northcliffe Coyotes on the London Sim,  it is such a welcoming, friendly place that you will want to go back time and time again! Also, our little visit was written up in their awesome event blog... Check us out on the Virtual London News... We weren't written about for the chaos we caused, but actually good things lol...
Thank you so much to Wendy, Dua (for the article and photos) and the whole London Sim team... We had SUCH a good time... When can we do it again?

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The week of Birthday Parties!

So a while ago now we had our 1 year anniversary, and spent the entire week partying and causing chaos. Now I know that it has taken me while to get these photos sorted and ready for uploading but I had taken SO MANY that getting my head around even looking through them was daunting. I've picked some of the best overall shots and will also be including a collection of gag pics from throughout the week too...
SO day 1 was our first ride-out of the week, lead by G-Man. We have never seen so many friendly faces at the Gator Track in one time before. Then after a few laps on the Track, HellBone started to fill the swamp with loud music - a replacement for loud engines - and the party was in full swing, with people dancing with us for a good few hours!
Day 2 was scavenger hunt day... I had set out a collection of clues to find with prizes for getting through the challenge donated by HellBone - Hogs and Cart Wheels - Nikki - Pacific Sunrise - and DG - Rare Discoveries.
Day 3 was the Cage of Death Day! Today again we had prizes donated by our lovely Gators as we challenged people to beat our top scores on the Death track. All you had to do was drive forward as fast as you can and the one with the most laps won prizes... We had a top Male and Top Female winner for this event with Big Poppa of Phoenix Rising and RosieRia Nubela of Crazy 8's taking home the prizes.
Day 4 was game day! We sat around playing our favourite family game... Cards against humanity. Such a great game for us seemingly pervy people hehe... Weird part was, me being the sweet and innocent one, still managed to win!!!
Day 5 was another of our favourite games... TAG! What a way to wind down a busy week of work... There is nothing better than running around screaming and trying to dodge each other lol... HellBone spent time hiding in the long grass while Kara and Nikki developed the dodge through the tree method LOL...
Day 6 was the last day of our celebrations... We had to throw another huge party... We had asked Fire to perform for us but her RL is so hectic at the moment that she simply had no time, though we got lucky. One of our favourite SL performers, Moon Spark, was able to perform and rock the swamp!
Now for the funnies of the week!!!