Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Gator8 Harlem Shake

Whilst the Crazy 8's were busy setting up their sim, we needed to do something to help cheer Nikki up... She was sad and needed something crazy to laugh about to help her forget her problems just a little bit. She'd been dancing around our sim with a rainbow shooting outta her butt, but that wasn't funny enough, she HAD to dress like a unicorn - everyone knows they fart rainbows - and I knew just the place to to find the look she needed... INTRIGUE CO!
Then once suited and booted, we headed over to our favourite Non-Gator MC to cause just a little rainbow chaos!
Nikki ran circles around members at their clubhouse, before we jumped on her bike and left rainbow trails across the sim! But that wasn't the only chaos we caused that day...
The gorgeous Vice President - Miss Akasha - of the Crazy 8's was decorating the new playground on the sim! SO COOL THEY HAVE A PLAYGROUND BY THE WAY!!! Nikki and I stopped to lend a helping hand, you know just to test things... Turned out that both MCs love to act like kids, and what started as testing became something more like a school recess!
Followed very swiftly by HARLEM SHAKE TIME!!!
This is HellBone's VERY FIRST VIDEO, and we all think it turned out great LOL... Who'd have thought that some people think of Bikers as scary huh?? LOL

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