Saturday, 22 March 2014

And Two More Makes Five!

We've hit a total of FIVE new probies all at once, and OK we still have Geo working for his colours, so the MC has now got 6 probies working for their Gator Tags... The two newest seem to fit well with the family, wanting to be a part of that close family atmosphere and wanting to have a good time whilst doing so.
First up we have another lady... Little Miss Perizada Strangelove has come to the MC through a historic connection with Nikki and DG. She brings a touch of cute and a love of all things pink to the MC... According to Nikki she wants a family to be around, I just hope that we aren't too crazy for her hehe...
Then we have Mr JustinTaylor59 Resident... Justin is another Dutchie in the MC - like we needed more, they are taking over LOL -  and he loves to explore, finding new tracks and sharing those with the rest of his friends... Maybe we have a possible new RC in the making?
Both of these two, like the rest of our new Probies, all seem to fit in the family well so far... Let's just see how they fair once Nikki is done testing them!

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