Saturday, 8 March 2014


Sorry was thinking of a title for the post and started randomly singing the song - sorry Mr Bowie, it was a little off key! - but anyway it sums up the post that I am about to write so I let it stick hehe...
Lots has been happening in Gatorland this last week, some of it good, some of it not so good but we're going to keep moving forward and reaching for the goals we want to reach...
First up news wise, we have a new Vice President... Now I know I am late putting it up here and everyone knows, but DG has stepped up to the role of VP and seems to be doing a good job! I say seems to be lol, but I down play it because we all know if I say anything more exciting she will get a big head and we'll never hear the end of it LOL!!!
Congrats DG!!!
We also got some of our probies into their full patches on Saturday... Charles - a founding member - came back to us and well it was kinda a forgone conclusion that he wouldn't have to wait long till he had his vest back! ALUKA and Kara went through their prospecting period first time, and both were very successful. He found it a little harder to be around due to a 6 hour time difference and a crappy connection, and she had no trouble making her presence known to everyone, but both did brilliantly and took on whatever we asked of them... So congrats on your Big Kids vests!!
There were also changes in other areas of the MC management too... Nikki was given an extra title - officially as Event Co-Ordinator but I guess in a way unofficially as my stress-relieving-event-planning-minion LOL... She's kicking up a storm, re-organising things and planning big events, such as the paint ball contest that will be taking place on Sunday at 11AM SLT!
Congrats to everyone, and keep up the good work guys... You're making this MC a great place to be!


  1. Chaa chaaa change is good! indeed i'm proud of our gators! <3. Thankyou for complementing my work ethic :D I do my best to get the job done.

  2. thanx for giving me the opportunity to be a part of GATORS..... n ill never let you all down folks.... cheers