Thursday, 20 March 2014

OOPA! Lock up your plates, a Greek Probie in the Family!

Last night Nikki was on a roll, she got us another one through a Prospecting interview LOL... This time we're extending our World Wide status a little more into Europe, and this time we can say that we have another reason to hide the good crockery, as we welcome a gorgeous Greek into our family...
Bessie has never been in an MC before but she seems to fit with the family very well so far. She wants to learn to ride a bike, but she is willing at that is what always counts...
The MC is growing and becoming more and more multicultural as the time goes on, and that is exactly what we wanted to see... A group of friends, a family of sorts, from all different corners of the globe... That was one of the things that Bessie wanted to see when she joined us, I guess she got her wish, now to just get her a patch huh?!
Welcome to the family Bessie!

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