Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Our New Probies make the World Wide Tag fit!

Our MC has always been a little international, we've got a collection of members from all over Europe and North America, with one even as far away as India, but thanks to our Probies - the recent additions to the MC - we can finally say that we are truly sticking to the tag of a world wide MC...
Our first new Probie has been around the MC on and off since we caused chaos at the Northcliffe Coyotes Bar. Little Miss EcstacyTinkerbell seems to have enjoyed being around the family, coming over to join us at random events, including the paint ball... She's our Pirate - due to her RL location - edition to the MC, and even though she doesn't talk much she really seems to enjoy hanging out and being a part of the family.
The second of our new Probies, is one that found us through Kara. He is a little shy about speaking English - with the exception of his favourite three words in a phrase "Oh my God!" - but he says that he enjoys being around a family that has as much fun as we do, and that is what counts.
Not long now guys and we could get you wearing full Gator patches!!!

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