Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Crazy 8's Sim is finally Opening!!!

As you may or may not know, we love the Crazy 8's... They are a great bunch of people to be around and any time we all go over to hang out we are welcomed and able to feel right at home.
So now we can get excited, and share with everyone that the new home to our favourite Non-Gator MC is finally being opened... Officially! So much hard work - blood, sweat and possibly tears, although they will never tell - have been poured into making this sim not only a great place to ride, but also a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to hang out in.
They are hosting a week of events - not a rally, more of a come look-see - and the events look set to be great fun...
Yesterday saw the official opening, with Bike Washing and a live performance by Anek Fuchs. There is so much more to come this week however, that the easiest way to share details is by using their schedule. HellBone will be DJing a few times, and I would like to ask people that anyone who takes photos of the MC at the events, can they please throw them at me either in Skype or in-world!
So, the Crazy 8's events are as follows... (I've not posted Monday and Tuesday, because it is already Wednesday at the time of posting LOL!!)
Wednesday, March 26th:  
2:00 PM SLT  -  Melee @ at the Rumble Club
6:00 PM SLT  -  Lynyrd Skynyrd
Thusday, March 27th:
2:00 PM SLT  -  Ball of Death
 6:00 PM SLT -  Rush
Friday, March 28th:    
2:00PM SLT   -  Barrel Roll
 6:00PM SLT  -  Led Zepplin
Saturday, March 29th:
1:00PM SLT  -  Cock Fight
4:00PM SLT  - AC/DC
Thank you Akasha for letting me use the poster honey, and Good Luck to the Crazy 8's this week!!!

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