Sunday, 2 March 2014

The week of Birthday Parties!

So a while ago now we had our 1 year anniversary, and spent the entire week partying and causing chaos. Now I know that it has taken me while to get these photos sorted and ready for uploading but I had taken SO MANY that getting my head around even looking through them was daunting. I've picked some of the best overall shots and will also be including a collection of gag pics from throughout the week too...
SO day 1 was our first ride-out of the week, lead by G-Man. We have never seen so many friendly faces at the Gator Track in one time before. Then after a few laps on the Track, HellBone started to fill the swamp with loud music - a replacement for loud engines - and the party was in full swing, with people dancing with us for a good few hours!
Day 2 was scavenger hunt day... I had set out a collection of clues to find with prizes for getting through the challenge donated by HellBone - Hogs and Cart Wheels - Nikki - Pacific Sunrise - and DG - Rare Discoveries.
Day 3 was the Cage of Death Day! Today again we had prizes donated by our lovely Gators as we challenged people to beat our top scores on the Death track. All you had to do was drive forward as fast as you can and the one with the most laps won prizes... We had a top Male and Top Female winner for this event with Big Poppa of Phoenix Rising and RosieRia Nubela of Crazy 8's taking home the prizes.
Day 4 was game day! We sat around playing our favourite family game... Cards against humanity. Such a great game for us seemingly pervy people hehe... Weird part was, me being the sweet and innocent one, still managed to win!!!
Day 5 was another of our favourite games... TAG! What a way to wind down a busy week of work... There is nothing better than running around screaming and trying to dodge each other lol... HellBone spent time hiding in the long grass while Kara and Nikki developed the dodge through the tree method LOL...
Day 6 was the last day of our celebrations... We had to throw another huge party... We had asked Fire to perform for us but her RL is so hectic at the moment that she simply had no time, though we got lucky. One of our favourite SL performers, Moon Spark, was able to perform and rock the swamp!
Now for the funnies of the week!!!

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