Sunday, 6 April 2014

New Prospects

When it rains Prospects at the Gators MC it seems to pour them hehe... Nikki and Kara have had their work cut out for them recently, but both have done a stirling job of keeping everything on track. I do - and should have done this a while ago for one at least - have the pleasure of sharing pictures of our two newest probies...
Caillteana Resident - aka Cai - hails from America, and comes to us through Justin. She's a sassy one, with an awesome ability to wear dalmation prints! She seems to feel right at home within the family, and is working with Kara to complete her Prospect tasks - according to Kara she seems to be doing a great job at them too!
Malcolm is a bit of an enigma to me... I met him once and he was quiet! According to DG "Mr Oklahoma" is a sweetheart, and anyone that could come in with a sweetie like Tink has got to be a good person. I will say I look forward to getting to know you Malcolm but from what I hear you are going to be a great fit too!
These guys will have 5 weeks of prospecting due to RL getting in the way of Hell and my SL's, but trust me guys the time will fly by and you will become one of us officially before you know it!

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