Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Crazy 8 Opening Random Selection!

The Crazy 8 Sim Opening Party came and went, and from what I saw of it the event went really well... The Gators were present every day, showing our support for one of our favourite and closest allies, and along the way we had a lot of fun and even had a few victories!
Hell and Kara kicked ass but were slaughtered, Peri won the awesome car that had been raffled off by the 8s, Bessie proved that she had the best cock and even Charles got into the craziness by joining the wet boxers contest!!!
Time for some pretty pictures... Thanks to Nikki who supplied me with some too - wouldn't have been able to share pics of Charles in his wet boxers without you hehe!!!
Day 1 saw a Bike Wash in front of the Crazy 8 Clubhouse... Now a lot of the 8's were running around in their swimsuits, so things were more than a little distracting lol, but when HellBone got in on the act, and then played his usual trick of shooting butt rainbows at Nikki's bike. She got not just one but TWO Presidents to clean it! The opening concert started a little while later, with Anek Fuchs - an old favourite of the Gators - taking to the stage. As per usual, Anek rocked and the 8's concert area was filled with lots of friendly faces! 
Then later came the Wet T-Shirt for ladies and Wet Boxers for gents event... I cannot quite work out how Nikki managed to persuade Charles to get his boxers wet, but I am dam glad that she remembered her camera at the time hehe... Shake it Charlie, shake that Charlie Bum Bum!
There was blood spilt on more than one occasion - unfortunately I don't have any photos of Bessie's Prize Winning Cock - but the street fight was a bloody battle that ended in a mass brawl and saw the 8's own ninja street fighting Ozz take the title!
The events were fun and the Crazy 8's, as always made sure everyone was having a good time... They are always a fun bunch of people to be around... Congrats on the Sim opening guys!

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