Monday, 30 June 2014

A Gator in the Snow... By MeGaByTe

When I was on SL and talking to Hellbone and Rudh I promised to make a gator in the snow.
That will say in REAL snow high up in the mountains in Austria when i was on vacation. So when i was there I did make my promise come true. look at the picture that I did make off it and hell it was cold but i survived. The Gator is still on the mountain at 3790 meters above see-level. If you all make a Gator in RL when you are at your place or anywhere then it will be fun. and tell a little story about it.
Then slowly we will be getting gators all over the world. like we have in SL. Just for the fun.
Then 3 days later we went to see the biggest waterfalls we have in Europe they are build off 3 stages when we where hiking the path up to the top of the highest waterfall and back down there was a very small Gator crossing our path when it did i did have to take a picture off it and show it to you all.

(Posted for MeGa by Rudh)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A New Probie comes to play!

We've had a pretty sad week in the family after not just one but three of our members left the family. The rest of us are once again picking up and starting over, dusting ourselves off and working on becoming a stronger unit once more.
There have been changes in role within the family for a couple of our members.... MeGa was promoted to the role of SGT@ARMS, and joining him as an Enforcer will be Blake - who is already being put through his paces in proving to me that he is made of strong stuff hehe... Chelsea also, came to HellBone and myself to ask about taking on the responsibilities of planning events for the family. She was working as an event planner anyway, but now she is able to apply her skills to family fun! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! You deserve it and we are proud of you for stepping up to help!
Blake has also been very busy in the goal of finding us some new prospects. We have a few people coming around regularly, but one person spent just a few hours with us before deciding she wanted us as family...
Kara - yes our second Kara - has been nicknamed Kara D, which makes sense because people initially called her Kara Kara but then we have a KaraKara in the form of our first Kara, and Kara D is actually her name kinda anyway, and it was better and has proved funny to make games of calling her other things "Karate" or "Carroty" for example.
Our new American Kara D is already seemingly fitting in with the family well, she hangs around and has been working on her tasks with the original Kara... It's great to have you around sweetie... Lets get you those colours!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

PHMC Rally

The Pride and Honour MC Rally starts officially today and this proves to be one heck of a busy event! If last year was anything to go by there should be lots of fun in store - and lots of interesting things to see and do - who knows what will happen! 
So we have our little Gator area set up ready to go, surrounded by friends, the location proves to be a good one... Remember the things we talked about but also remember to have fun, this one should be a great Rally... The Main Landing point is here... PHMC Rally Landing Point.
Let me share with you a list of all the fun things to see and do!!

Rally Schedule;
Saturday June 7th: 
*2PM SLT -  CCR Concert 
*6PM SLT - VOLBEAT Concert

Sunday June 8th: 
                               Red Team against Blue Team. There is an entry fee of 50L per Player in this event! The last colour standing at the end of the hunt will win 1000L.
Note: Bullets in guns only! NO Damage causing weapons!! 
                              Bidding starts at 200L. This will get you a two hour date! 

Monday June 9th:
Tuesday June 10th:  
                           20L per entrant. ONLY weapons from the Gun Cabinet can be used! Winners will be determined based on the highest score of all three targets. 

Wednesday June 11th: 
                          50L per entrant. 

Thursday June 12th: 

Friday June 13th:
* 6PM SLT - Drag Racing

Not sure if this is the end of the rally or not, the notecard ends pretty abruptly there, but anymore changes and I will let you know ASAP!!! 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Time for some more random goings-on photos...

I've been compiling a collection of photos since my last random look at what crazy stuff happens at the MC, some have come from other people but there are a lot of random happenings from the MC so... Enough talking Rudh LOL...
After our mammoth group photo shoot, DG found her way onto a set of poseballs that I had been using in a photo shoot for my personal blog, and it became a photo shoot for "Everybody Loves DG"!
HellBone loves DG the most though, she's the one that does all the hard work so he doesn't have to LOL...
She's been making clothes too, there are lots of new shirts for the boys, including the lovely pink number as selected by her personal security team - AKA MeGa and ALUKA lol...
But she's not the only one, that has been working hard recently... Dyson - after being away for so long - was pulled back in and put to work... He had to power the MC, provide a cushion for Hell and fry us some crispy fried Blake duck...
Then even Blake got pulled into action keeping the Mudkips happy, and after which he became Mrs SANTA!!!!
All while the rest of our hard working family took time to rest and relax lol... Chels decided to take up the supervisory position!

Monday, 2 June 2014

A Family Photo

Well, after much discussion and at least one failed attempt, the newest version of the Gators MC Family Photo is ready to share... We are missing two of the many Gators - both Charles and Fire are away in their RLs - and they were both greatly missed, but we just couldn't wait any longer... We needed one to show all the lovely new faces, and the re-appearance of an old one, as well as the new VP taking her controlling spot keeping HellBone under control LOL...
HERE IT IS!!! I hope people like it...
Yes by the way, before it gets mentioned again, Blake has no shadow!!! He is Peter Pan! Maybe I should draw him something in and update the picture just a little, maybe I should leave it and not mess with it the way it is?! Anyone wants to say if I should or not please do so... I have gone cross eyed from looking at it to this point LOL...
It took a lot of work to get it to this point... I mean LOOK what I had to start with!?!
Never will you see such a gorgeous bunch of people in one place LOL...
DG and Hell look pretty mean, Rudh and Nikki seem a little scared - wonder what Dyson is upto - and there are a lot of cheeky monkies with their tongues hanging out... Fact no wonder Hell and DG look mean, maybe that's how they really look when dealing with us LOL...

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Someone New wants to be a Gator

Well it's been a while since I've updated the Gator Blog, there has been much going on in Gatorland and much to come too, but don't worry... Rudh is now on the ball and will keep you posted hehe... Today is all about updating the stuff that needs to be done! OH and there is a paintball game this evening, being organised by Nikki!
BUT for now I bring news of a new Probie!
Cassiopheia Resident - AKA Cass - was found wandering around looking lonely recently by our little Blake, and after coming to meet us and laughing at the crazy stuff we get up to, she has pulled on a Probie Vest and has begun working on her tasks...
Good luck Cass and welcome to the family!