Monday, 30 June 2014

A Gator in the Snow... By MeGaByTe

When I was on SL and talking to Hellbone and Rudh I promised to make a gator in the snow.
That will say in REAL snow high up in the mountains in Austria when i was on vacation. So when i was there I did make my promise come true. look at the picture that I did make off it and hell it was cold but i survived. The Gator is still on the mountain at 3790 meters above see-level. If you all make a Gator in RL when you are at your place or anywhere then it will be fun. and tell a little story about it.
Then slowly we will be getting gators all over the world. like we have in SL. Just for the fun.
Then 3 days later we went to see the biggest waterfalls we have in Europe they are build off 3 stages when we where hiking the path up to the top of the highest waterfall and back down there was a very small Gator crossing our path when it did i did have to take a picture off it and show it to you all.

(Posted for MeGa by Rudh)

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