Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A New Probie comes to play!

We've had a pretty sad week in the family after not just one but three of our members left the family. The rest of us are once again picking up and starting over, dusting ourselves off and working on becoming a stronger unit once more.
There have been changes in role within the family for a couple of our members.... MeGa was promoted to the role of SGT@ARMS, and joining him as an Enforcer will be Blake - who is already being put through his paces in proving to me that he is made of strong stuff hehe... Chelsea also, came to HellBone and myself to ask about taking on the responsibilities of planning events for the family. She was working as an event planner anyway, but now she is able to apply her skills to family fun! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! You deserve it and we are proud of you for stepping up to help!
Blake has also been very busy in the goal of finding us some new prospects. We have a few people coming around regularly, but one person spent just a few hours with us before deciding she wanted us as family...
Kara - yes our second Kara - has been nicknamed Kara D, which makes sense because people initially called her Kara Kara but then we have a KaraKara in the form of our first Kara, and Kara D is actually her name kinda anyway, and it was better and has proved funny to make games of calling her other things "Karate" or "Carroty" for example.
Our new American Kara D is already seemingly fitting in with the family well, she hangs around and has been working on her tasks with the original Kara... It's great to have you around sweetie... Lets get you those colours!

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