Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Panda that's a Gator?!

Crazier things have happened... Finally though we can officially say that there is a Panda who truely is a Gator!
On Saturday Athrun - known to Hell as Panda but to everyone else as Athrun lol - became the newest fully patched in member of the family.
He was able to work with Kara in the fastest possible time, getting all his Probie tasks completed with time to spare. We broke his shyness about being on voice, with him being heard to say something about not hearing his voice much and then breaking his own rule by spending the next few days laughing at a sneezing Panda! LOL... Thus proving the madness we all seem to have is buried deep within this one LOL!!!
Welcome to the family Athrun... You definitely deserve to be here!

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