Tuesday, 1 July 2014

One More Post Today...

Finally, for my hat trick post of the day, while I am on a roll anyway LOL, I think it's time to post some more random photos that have been collected... I have a LOT sitting in folders waiting to be shared so, why not do it now?!
Remember if you want me to use your photos, and even stories to go with them, please let me know and you can drop them to me in Skype!
First up then... A cute moment of family chillaxation time... HellBone was working on the track and his lovely family sat around to Supervise! This was just before KaraD became one of our new probies, but you can tell how much she fits in already huh?! LOL...
The usual ball sack race - that is one of HellBone's favourite Prospecting activities -  took place, but with a slight difference... Anyone caught cheating would need to go naked for an extra lap... Blake was caught in the act LOL... He didn't look too pleased about it, but then it didn't take much to get him naked either!
That wasn't the only Prospect Task that has been completed this week... HellBone also set up a new challenge for not just them but the entire family to play... It started out with Cardboard Box races and swiftly became a game of get the ball around the course!
The challenge proved to be a bit of a giggle with everyone who joined in, but as you can see in the next picture, HellBone found a chance to have a giggle elsewhere at the expense of one of our close friends - Eugene!
This does show two things... First HellBone quiet clearly likes the newly formed Mad Dawgs so much that he had to mark his territory on their SGT - possibly because his favourite poop target wasn't around - and Second, Eugene would need a little revenge!!!
Boy did he get that revenge?! I wonder how Olaf felt about it though??
Oh and just those last two pictures of two of our big, strong, manly men riding in the Bitch Position... I know I am always on the back, but when ever Hell jumps on the back it is a sight that makes me giggle, and well OK it got the same reaction when ALUKA sat behind MeGa... I had to share hehe...

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