Sunday, 17 August 2014

A new MAN!!!!!

Finally it happened, we have a NEW MAN wanting to join the family... It's been a while since we had some new man eye candy in the place and I was beginning to think that Hell had rigged it somehow so we only brought the ladies in LOL...
Luckily Tequila dragged one that is very special to her over, and well once he was hanging around it was just a matter of time hehe...
Vankilldro Resident - better known as Van - has been coming around a while. He is the partner of our lovely Tequila, together they are so cute, and even though when they are are apart they are awesome to have around, together they seem to sparkle - In a good way, not a bad Vampire movie kinda way! LOL!
Extending our MC worldwide status just a little bit, Van comes from New Zealand - meaning we now can say we have Kiwi Fruit Tequila Slammers LOL - and he definitely provides that much needed shot of testosterone back into the family. It was definitely getting a bit female dominant!
Welcome to the family Van... We know time zones are gonna be difficult, but you know we will do anything to help you get your colours... Just keep pushing us to work you to the bone!!

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