Thursday, 28 August 2014

Blake, Athrun and Other Random Things!

Hello everybody, I've been sorting through photos on my hard disk once again and boy do I seem to build up a random collection of you guys every few weeks LOL...
I had a look-see and found a few great picks that had to be shared, and the reason for the title of this post, well it seems to be that I ALWAYS end up catching Athrun and Blake doing weird stuff... No one else seems to do this level of HUH?! Maybe they do and I just miss it?! Make sure you send me your random HUH? pics LOL!!!!
Blake celebrated his 1st Rezzday on August 19th, and then yesterday I celebrated my 8th! I tried to let mine slip past, and it would have if Kara hadn't mentioned anything too LOL, but for Blake we went on a ride led by him... Must have been a nice break for G-Man!
Just a quick shot of my Rezzday too lol... I was bought the Beauty and the Beast avatar from Little Britain. Wanted this for AGES so thank you everyone!!!
On the subject of Blake... There are some things that simply HAVE to be shared... This collection of pics being one of them LOL, and I am afraid to say but it seems to be his new hobby!!
It's almost as random as the weird look that he seemed to be going for in the last few days LOL... He was bought a werewolf avatar by the MC for his Rezzday, and every time he changes out of it you never know what you will see... Jimmy saw him rocking the stringy look, whilst Lexi and I both had a shock whilst looking at some random floating eyeballs!
Still he's not the only one doing some weird stuff at the moment... His 'nephew' Athrun seems to be following in his uncles footsteps! Playing the Piano on the roof, scaring the crap outta some poor dog, getting freaky with a new friend and then passing out after drinking too much fruit juice, the MCs baby seems to have been on a craziness rampage!
On a side note, congrats on getting partnered Ath, the ladies of the MC world can now rest happy knowing that Athrun "Hugh Heffner" Holmes has been tied down LOL!!!
For some reason I also seem to have a lot of random pictures of some other weirdo that keeps hanging around... If you see this Dawg be warned, I am not sure if he has been neutered and he may well have rabies or something... He makes a scarily scary looking child, wears bottom boys undies, but at least he comes with his own protection... Go near him at your own risk!!!
Time for a little NAKEDNESS!!!
Then as always just a little more random from the family... You guys do do crazy things it seems, but I always seem to miss them - if anyone gets the chance to take random pics I WANT THEM!!!
Chels was turned upside after going quiet on her bike the other day - it was that Eugene guy I warned about by the way - but it looked more than a little uncomfortable! I became like Conchita Wurst one day when Jimmy announced in a store that he'd like to see all the women in it wearing the beard he was trying, and Tink got boxed as the latest Barbie you know will be a best seller at Christmas this year! Van had an "I can't use a seat moment" whilst in a special meeting with HellBone and well that poor panda gets more abuse than our talking one LOL!!!
Till next time folks, remember... I'M WATCHING WITH MY CAMERA READY LOL!!

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