Saturday, 9 August 2014

Changes in the Officers

Yesterday at the meeting we made a few changes in the MC officer list...
First and the highest position that was filled is the Vice President Position... Hell has finally chosen someone that will be his second, and his right hand. This was not an easy choice for HellBone to make, as there were a number of potential candidates in his mind. Yet after much deliberation with himself, and after hours of talking at me about it, Hell made his choice....
Congratulations Jimmy and welcome to your rank as the new VP of the Gators MC!
Jimmy has lots of experience within the MC world, coming to us from previous biker clubs. He has become one of us in a short space of time, and has definitely helped the MC move forward in assisting with the creation of a new track... Who knows what will come out of the new collaborative mind of Barbosa/Finkelstein!
Kara has also had a change in her position within the MC. She is now the MC's Senior Mentor. This means that she will be handling all interviewing and documentation, but will have someone to assist her on setting tasks for the prospects! Seeing as we have a fair few of them at the moment,  that's probably going to be a nice thing for her!
Blake has - through HellBone's decision, although the rest of the MC will we hope agree - become a new Mentor. He will be assisting Kara, who will be dealing with the interviewing and data maintenance, giving some of our non-European Prospects just that little bit more time! He will also be able to recruit any new people he finds, so far he's proved that he is good at it, and it is agreed that with these two as a team we will get bigger and stronger!
We filled one other position this week... Kara D has stepped up to the plate and has become our newest officer, taking on the role of an Enforcer. This is something entirely new to her, but she has proven that she has skills in talking to people so we all felt that it would be a good fit for her. She will be receiving training for the role from HellBone and MeGa.
Congratulations on your promotions, to each and every one of you... As always there will be training given for these positions, and as we always say there will be a trial period, but you know, I think that we have the right people in the right places... Let's just see how things progress from here hehe!

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