Thursday, 7 August 2014


Oh my gosh, we've had this situation happen before, but once again the Mentors have a LOT of work to do hehe... It's great to see so many people wanting to be a part of the family!
Luckily Kara has Blake to help her now or she would be demanding some time off after getting through this  - Don't get any ideas Kara LOL!
This time around we have a collection of four gorgeous ladies, all working hard to earn their colours... Two Aussies, a Dutchie and two Americans are hoping to join the family... Time to introduce them...
First up we have Rava Roxan - the Dutchie. This one looks fierce, but let us assure you she's a pussycat! Boosting the numbers of Dutchies to rival the new influx of Aussies!!!!
Then the first of two Aussies - Leigh Littleboots, or as the boys seem to be calling her "Ken Lee". The gesture is getting annoying, but Leigh is a sweetheart so I guess that balances out the badly sung song LOL!
Another Aussie joins the family - AlexisCarter 73 Resident aka Alexis - thus suggesting that the Aussies are trying to stage a take over from the Dutch and I wonder if that has anything to do with Mr Finkelstein?!
OOOH an American is coming in too... Joy is an old friend of Mega's tracked him down to the club and then just decided to stay.
Last but not least, our second American hottie - Tila1986 Resident, or as she seems to be becoming known Tequila.
All of these ladies are simply gorgeous, they all want to be a part of the family and all seem to be working hard, pushing Kara and Blake to the limits of Prospect tasking... Can't wait till patch in day!!!

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