Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Patches and a Rank Change

We had a meeting a day earlier than normal this week, there were changes that needed to be put in place and Hell along with a few others was going to be dealing with RL during our usual meeting day!
The meeting was short but sweet and we had some changes that need to be shared...
Lexi was one of those changes... She hasn't been in the MC long, but she wanted to try out for the position of a Road Captain. She told Hell that she wanted to help the MC and wanted to try to expand her skills within the MC.  G-Man was very pleased to have someone wanting to help him, when asked he said he would like some help, and it seems like these two will make a very good team. Good Luck Lexi!
Then we had a high number of prospects reaching for their MC colours over the past few weeks, but it was felt that it was time for two of them to be voted on!
Rava Roxan was first in. She has been hanging around for what feels like months now, but finally she passed all of her tasks and the final interview! She's another Dutchie in the family, I told you HellBone was trying to boost his numbers of 'Cheeseheads' against the ride of Jimmy's 'Skippies'. Our Mummy-to-be, wanted to be here so much that she kept trying to bride the officers for a yes vote, just so she could get her Probie vest off... She got in the old fashioned way, but it was fun to see what we could get outta her for a while at least LOL...
Then comes Teqila - or Tila1984 Resident - who has been around a very short time in her Probie vest at least. Tila has the shortest Probie length since Kara, but she has been around a heck of a lot and has raced through her tasks, bugging the mentors to give her more to do. She showed HellBone and Jimmy, in that very short space of time, all about how passionate she is and how much she wants to participate with the family, even mentioning already that she plans to bring people in!!! Sounds like Blake may have some recruiting competition...

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