Thursday, 28 August 2014

Welcome Back Ozz

You might remember me mentioning in a previous post about one of our friends, Ozz, having been in a nasty accident in RL - either that or you heard it being talked about in SL! - but if you didn't know, and let's pretend you don't for the sake of this post, he was in a nasty accident involving his bike and bad brakes apparently!
HOWEVER, he managed to not only survive the accident, but also survive his time in hospital with male nurses LOL!!! So when the Death Dealers Road Captain - and sometime Gators MC sofa warmer - Sherylin passed round information about his welcome back ride, how could we not go and show him our support?!
The party, which they somehow kept a total surprise for him, was held back at their home space straight after the ride! They went to town on the theme of the party too... Bikers and nurses, poor Ozz LOL... Watching the DDMC shake their asses in nurses uniforms really was a sight - and strangely whenever I see Black he tends to be either stripping or wearing an interesting costume?!
I just hope for his sake that while he was in the hospital, the male nurses he had didn't do this...
Welcome back Ozz!

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