Monday, 1 September 2014

It was KaraD's Fault, Officer!

On Friday 22nd August, it was a special day for one of the MC... KaraD turned another year older and so we had to do something to celebrate - who doesn't love an excuse for a party?!
I'd heard whispers that KaraD had been challenging me to organise her a damn good party, with lots of strippers, and well you know me now I am never one to turn down a challenge like that!
Chelsea and I got together and discussed some ideas, we'd had parties with firemen and male nurses recently... What about Cops?! KaraD is a bad girl who needs to be punished - some jail time and some stripping cops was the perfect idea LOL...
It took 4 police officers to capture the naughty KaraD and put her into her cell...
Luckily she had a sister in the cell block with her... Kara - funny how it's the Karas who were naughty and got caught LOL - was our DJ for the event, but even she managed to land herself in jail!
Those 4 policemen then made their way up and showed the ladies present just how police work is done.
Scarily though, Police Captain HellBone was the first to "lose" his uniform, swiftly followed by Lieutenant Jimmy, and Officers Eugene and Athrun - Tink must have been so proud to see her twins in the police force, even if it was just for a little while LOL... Normally they are on the wrong side of the law!
Even the two prison inmates seemed to have vanishing outfits!!!
It wasn't long before a lot of the guests descended into nakedness... Shame there were no police officers to arrest them LOL!
OH... There was one of us who remained dressed and living in innocence LOL... Chelsea had a great time bouncing around! It's amazing that she didn't pop the bouncy castle though in those heels!
Hope you had a great time KaraD, and I hope we met your challenge!!
Only problem now is, we've seen firemen, nurses and cops... What will be next?!
Oh and Thank You Jimmy for the GIFs too!!

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