Saturday, 13 September 2014

Once upon a weekly meeting...

Today we had our bi-weekly meeting, and I am proud to share with all of you, if you were there or not that we had two new changes within the group today...
First up we have a new Mentor...
Initially we had no positions open, but HellBone and Jimmy decided due to the fact that Kara and Blake have very busy RLs at the moment, that we needed more help! Rava had already sent in an application for the position prior to them opening the rank, and after discussion with Kara - as the Senior Mentor - Rava went up for a vote!
Unanimously she became our newest mentor, and although she has a month training period, I think we have a good one here, perfect for the role!
However, this wasn't the only advancement in position today... We also saw one of our little probies step from her Prospect vest into a Fully Patched one!
Lexana has been away a lot this week, she was supposed to be on holiday but I think she's a little SL addicted?! However, before she went, she was pushed hard to complete her Probie tasks - she asked for it, it wasn't like we were slave driving her! - and on Friday, although unsure of herself, she passed her final interview with flying colours!
We're proud to announce that she's now wearing a bi girl vest and kinda scared to point out that she looks rather fierce in it!
Welcome to the Craziness that is the Gators MC family!!! Congratulations Ladies!

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