Wednesday, 15 October 2014

It's Finally Open!

Finally after a couple of months of collecting ideas and then many man hours of building, the Gator Maze 2014 has risen from the murky waters of the swamp and come back to haunt our little corner of the SL Universe.
The sounds that are emanating from the house as you ride your bike around the roads of the Gator track will give you the chills, and once you walk through the doors, you are soon to be lost within it's creaking walls... Just be careful of things that are lurking in the dark, you never know who is waiting for you...
We had an epically horrific opening party on Friday October 10th, with a spookily haunting performance by our Gator favourite - Moon Spark. Then at the stroke of 2PM, the doors burst open with a wail... Slowly, one by one the brave guests slowly wandered through the doors... Screams were heard, and many of them were never seen again! (OK they all made it out but it sounded more dramatic that way LOL!)
All of the members of the MC that were there were in some horrible costumes... They all looked positively gruesome!!!
The next event at the maze will be Saturday 18th from 12am - 12pm SLT!!! It's a hunt with some scary prizes!!! Don't miss out!

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