Thursday, 16 October 2014

Let's have some Funnies shall we?!

OK I need to clear up my photo collection again LOL, and I have some funnies that as always need to be shared...
For those of you that are new to the MC, if ever you catch a crazy, random, weird - maybe cute, but funny is better - moment in photographs, please make sure you let me have them and I will try to share what I can with you in one of these posts!
Due to the fact that I went home for a week, some of these are a little older now, but still worth showing for sure!
Starting off with KaraD's Rezzday... If you don't know I'll explain. Basically on your Rezzday you become the King or Queen of the MC for the day. You get to decide what the MC will do, no matter how crazy it might be! KaraD was in an evil mood it would seem, she wanted us all to get into our Nooby looks and go hunting in Bentham Forest. It was actually a LOT funnier than we thought, we were all busy laughing at the way we looked and having a really good time... So thanks for that KaraD it was FUN!
At a previous rally, I don't remember which as we had two so close - maybe Star Riders? - HellBone went over to enter their Go-Cart race, and well... GATORS ARE WINNERS!!! YAY!
Though as always there have been some rather random goings on around the MC! No matter where we are! Jimmy was out exploring one day and stumbled upon a shrine to three wise samurai. What was shocking was on closer inspection he noticed someone very familiar hehe...
If that wasn't crazy enough, a few days ago HellBone had been building his hippy bus and asked for help! Maybe it was the weed smoke in the air but suddenly four of the MC girls became a super transformer style united being LOL... I know it's nearly Halloween but the combined forces of Tila, Soda, KaraD and Rudh is enough to scare away any intruder...
Things got so bad, that normally calm and friendly G-Man had to step in to save some of the girls!
Which of course, made the possibly possessed - though you can never be sure - Eugene suffer some strange side effects... Such as a transformation into Eugina...
Or a moment of confusion when he had a very strong fondness for Animals?! (Funny how he gets so much coverage and he isn't even a Gator innit?! Mind you he is covering for both Blake and Athrun to keep up numbers of crazy photos I take - so thanks Eugene LOL)
We carried on with the spooky by taking a trip to the Savage Storm Riders MC Haunted House too... The house was great fun to explore and I think that we got rather excited collecting pumpkins whilst we were roaming around.
They had a strange and slightly crazy looking wolf locked away in the house, and we all had to check him closely, just to make sure it wasn't Blake...
ONE MORE THING TODAY... We have the next Leonardo Da Vinci in our family!
As you can see, this amazing work by Mick Sarrasine - Rava's Man - who paints under the pseudonym of Sir Pickle, perfectly captured the beauty that is Rava Roxan. In the same way that people question Da Vinci's master work, the Mona Lisa, asking if she is smiling, you can study this picture and ask yourself "are her tits real?"
LOL that's all for this random funnies post my little Gatorlings... Don't stop sending me pictures and remember you never know who is watching, so do something freaking funny will ya?!

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