Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Badges for some!!!

The meeting on Saturday, once again, saw a few changes in the MC... Things for the better, although some sad things too... Never nice to have sad things at meetings, but you know we seem to be stronger for it each and every time... This time we saw KaraD step down from her role of Enforcer, but don't worry she won't be leaving the MC, which is definitely a happy thing to beat the sad thing.
This was her own personal choice, but it did leave a bit of a gap...
In stepped our very own demon, Lexana... She had applied for the position of Enforcer pretty much the moment she earnt her full colours. At the time there was no space for her. BUT NOW, this scary demoness will be going through some training, learning the ropes, and working through a 30 day trial period to see if she can protect the family... It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it LOL... You'd be a fool to mess with a Demoness!!!
Then it was time for the Probies... Rava had been working hard with them, and it was felt that at least two should come into the spotlight!
Solde Rothmanay, our very girlie girl, fashion designing and sultry voiced - could get a job as a phone sex operator if she needed extra cash - prospect, was first up for discussion. With a unanimous vote, and the feeling that she had been one of us even in the earliest days of her Prospecting, Solde was made one of us.
Then it was the turn of our Pretty Boy, Gary Burton... He like Solde had been one of us from the start. He gave as good as he got when it came to joking around, and didn't seem to mind when he was used for training by Lexana - remember the game of "see ya Pretty Boy" - and he, also like Solde, was voted in unanimously...
Both of you seemed like true Gators from the start... You'd come through various MCs in your time, yet we hope that you've finally found a family where you can be happy and be yourself...
Welcome to the family guys and congrats to Lex!

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