Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Maze is COMING!

Last year we had our very own Haunted Horror Experience and this year we are doing it again... This year it is going to be bigger, badder and with much more blood than last year!
You never know what hidden surprises await for you in the dark and haunted house...
A house that appeared as if by magic in a lonely corner of the MC swamp, a house from which all manner of creepy noises seem to be emanating, a house that should have a warning over the door - one which reads "GO BACK!"
The grand opening party of the maze will be held tonight - Friday October 10th - at 1PM SLT, and we are planning events every week in the run up to the time the maze will disappear...

A schedule of events runs along the lines of;
* Friday October 10th - 1PM SLT - Grand Opening of the Maze, will be a Costume Party with a performance from Moon Spark. The doors to the Maze will open at 2PM SLT.
* Saturday October 18th - TBA - The Hunt in the Maze, will be a festive evening of hidden prizes for anyone brave enough to go searching for them. We are still looking for sponsors, so if anyone knows anyone please have them contact me ASAP!!!
* Saturday October 25th - TBA - Party time again... Chels and I are still in the planning stages of this one LOL...
* Saturday November 1st - TBA - Likewise with this week... If you have any event ideas that could be fun while for in and around the maze please let Chels know!
* Saturday November 8th - TBA - The destruction of the maze party... The maze is closing it's doors for another year. Chelsea is planning a party for today, with a live performance, but will the monsters want to leave?

So that's all we have planned, as you can see the event schedule is a bit of a work in progress still but hey I went away and we didn't get a chance to finish entirely LOL...
Can't wait to see you all looking awesome tonight... and remember the more scary you look, the more fun you're going to have chasing people out of your rooms hehe!!!

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