Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Three Fresh Faces...

Well, well, well what have we here... Three new Prospects in crazy Gator land?! I've often heard the saying about weather being dry but when it rains, it pours, and right now in the family it seems we are stuck to that familiar pattern of having our prospects start in multiples LOL... Not that that's a bad thing of course!
Prior to the opening event of the Gator Maze, we had one brave person reaching for her colours... After the Maze opening party, one of our long time supporters took the plunge, and then she too pulled her brother in at the deep-end!
Let me introduce them...
First up we have FireWild6666, or Fire for short, who was brought to us by her man, our baby Gator - Athrun. She's a girl with a southern charm, always polite and well, OK, there is a definite hint of the crazy buried beneath the surface! Although fairly new to SL, Fire has already grown a set of fangs, I just wonder if she can bite as hard as our pet gators?!
Then after the party we were surprised to hear that one of our long time supporters had decided to take the plunge. Solde Rothmanay - already nicknamed Soda by HellBone - was a friend of the MC from way back when she was in her previous club. After taking a long break from the MC world, to focus on her modelling, she felt ready to come back and felt most at home with us. This would lead me to believe that like Fire, she has a touch of the crazy in her too LOL...
Last but by no means least we have Gary Burton. Brother to Solde, she introduced him and he just kinda stuck around, which is great because the MC could use a little more testosterone LOL... He too has had experience of the MC life, and like Solde took a bit of a break to find time to do other things and has recently decided to return. Whether it was his sister bullying him, the fact he felt he could be himself within the level of crazy we have here or some other reason entirely, we will never know!
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY YOU GUYS!!! We're glad to have you on-board, can't wait to see you in your full patches as soon as possible!

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