Saturday, 1 November 2014

Funny Gators, the kind you don't see in Zoos!

Although maybe they should be LOL... Yes that's right time for more funnies and boy do we have some good ones this week!!! This one may be shorter than usual, but I didn't want to forget any of the interesting bits hehe...
So where to start!
Let's start with the day that HellBone griefed our clubhouse, shall we?!
Such a clever President, to grief his own club... He claims that it was an accident because he was out to shoot a probie and grabbed the wrong weapon, but who would choose that moment to try out a weapon in a to be sorted folder LOL...(BTW... Thank you Jimmy for the Gifs LOL)
Although, it's not just our wonderful President that does random crazy things... Our VP has done his fair share of crazy this week too... The ghost avatar that he has been sporting recently, with his crazy dancing AO has had me in stitches LOL...
Both Hell and Jimmy managed to redeem their good names later on when they were hung over at Savage Storm Riders, to raise money for Breast Cancer Charities...
We got a new AFK board for the Clubhouse too... Anyone that goes AFK at the Clubhouse had better park themselves here or they risk a photo opportunity with Rudh's Penis Tree!!! Don't Tila, Joy, Jimmy and I make great things to pin to a pin-board?!
Oh and Tila... This is what happened that time you went AFK at the Clubhouse, without a tag LOL...
Just one more photo featuring the creepy thing that has been wandering around the sim on and off since the maze opened... He was spotted dancing with Soda!! I say dancing but they were working on the thriller routine, so it was more like Zombie shuffling in places... Or, possibly something else judging by this photo?! LOL!
Who knows what pictures next month will bring... Tune in next time for more Crazy Gators!!

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